Matte bamboo agate and labradorite mala
Matte bamboo agate and black lava mala with labradorite

Matte bamboo agate and black lava 6mm mala, complete with a labradorite guru bead and silk tassel, with stainless steel Buddha charm and stainless steel details for maximum durability

899 SEK

More details

⟡ Hand knotted 108 bead mala, made with waxed cotton thread for lasting wear
⟡ This mala is made with carefully selected 6mm beads, with a 10mm labradorite bead
⟡ Made with stainless steel charm and spacer beads, for long lasting beauty

All malas are infused with very pure and harmonizing energy through a special creation process, resulting in a very high vibration, healing energy necklace. You can read more about this below!

About the gemstones

Matte bamboo agate is said to increase focus, overcome fear, increase self esteem, bring peace of mind and help you speak your truth

Black lava is said to help its bearer stay grounded, provide relief from anxiety, overcome fear and calm down anger

is worn for its protective properties, it protects its bearer from negative energy influences, calms down the nervous system, reduce stress and connect to our higher consciousness

Matte bamboo agate and black lava 6mm mala
Matte bambu agate 108 bead mala
Matte bamboo agate stainless steel beads mala
Pure, high energy malas

So what’s my secret behind the harmonizing & pure energy of these necklaces?

All gemstones and beads in these malas are infused with pure quantum energy!

Besides the natural healing properties of each carefully selected gemstone, these malas have been made with an added infusion of harmonizing quantum energy, resulting in healing gemstone malas that provides its wearer with pure energy for years to come!

Quantum energy malas gemstone mala beads
Quantum energy malas

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