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My name is RoseAnna, I’m the creator of Starlight Inspiration

I’m a vedic astrologer, herbalist and nutritional therapist, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. With my background as a health coach and with the stars as my guide, I help you live an inspired life in your true power!

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Are you curious about Vedic Astrology and what it can do for you?

Vedic Astrology, called ‘The Science of Light’, is an amazing guide to your lifes’ purpose! Your chart is a unique map of your personal traits, patterns and life path!

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Weekly updates with the latest planetary news, important dates and what to expect from current astrological transits! Click below to follow along with the movements of the stars!

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Here’s what my clients are saying about their Vedic Astrology readings!

It’s uncanny how well you pinned me down… almost chilling! It was so accurate you might think you were a close friend. It was helpful and incredibly fascinating!! Thank you for such a thorough and engaging reading! You are amazing!


In an attentive and considerate manner, RoseAnna really takes the time to dig deeper in answering your questions. While receiving her feedback, I found myself both laughing and crying with recognition and by the truthful answers I got. What I appreciate with RoseAnna is that she really takes the time to examine everything carefully and pose genuine questions in return, the personal interaction with her is half the fun with being her astro client! She is simply amazing, both at her job and as a person! Do not hesitate to try!


With incredible accuracy and a lot of recognition, I warmly recommend getting an astro reading with RoseAnna! Her ability to nail things down is just amazing!


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