new moon solar eclipse in pisces april 8 2024

New moon and solar eclipse in Revati

New moon and solar eclipse in Revati
Monday April 8th, 20:21 CET, 25° Pisces

There will be an intense energy to this new moon, as it will also be a solar eclipse, when the sun and moon join the north node, Rahu, blocking out the sun from our view and creating a total solar eclipse that will be visible for most of America, Canada and western Europe. This phenomenon happens when the sun and moon align with these eclipse points, which is what the nodes of the moon really are and why they are often referred to as the ‘shadow planets’ – as they are responsible for encasing the luminaries in shadow.

Eclipses bring out things from the shadow, unconscious patterns or behaviors that we need to face and heal. The nodes in this way deal with confusing aspects of our mind, things that we are not seeing clearly. The luminaries are what provides wisdom in that they are the ones providing the light, ‘enlightening us’ whereas the nodes are the ones responsible for encasing them in shadow, creating confusion.

Yet, the darkening phase only lasts for a short while and that another important thing about eclipses is that they also bring the luminaries out of the shadow and into the light, bringing our focus on something from the shadow part of our mind or emotions into the light, meaning; into our awareness. Anything we shed light on also indicates something that is brought into our awareness.

The eclipse can also surface deeply rooted ideas or attitudes we have about things, that we may not have been aware of, and any discrepancies between our truth and how we deal with these things on a day to day basis. If our work, relationships, habits or actions aren’t aligned with our inner truth or values, there can be issues rising in regards to those things, providing us with the opportunity to become aware of and transform any misalignment.

On the day of the eclipse is when these energies are most active – an initiation of a process – but the changes they can bring about usually manifest over the cycle of eclipses with the next one taking place later in the fall. It’s a process of planting a seed and a continuous emotional evolution you might say.

Revati, ‘the wealthy’

This new moon and solar eclipse will be located in a group of stars called Revati, ‘the wealthy’, fully encompassed within the watery sign of Pisces, ‘the fish’. Revati is a gentle nakshatra, said to grant material gains and spiritual attainments. There is a deeply rooted longing for connectivity with this nakshatra, providing a caring and empathic nature. Yet there is also a somber quality to be found here, that comes with the realization that eventually we all need to let our attachments go, before the soul’s journey is complete.

The ruling planet is Mercury, which together with Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, provides a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. The deity of this nakshatra is Pushan, who casts light on the soul’s path and helps us retrieve lost things. The fact that Pushan, also called the nurturer, resides here, really makes this a nakshatra that provides spiritual nourishment. Revati’s symbol is a fish, which represents abundance and a longing to connect to the universal oneness, like a tiny drop of water merging back into the sea.

What vision do we want to bring into fruition when the light starts to return?

Questions for reflection:

❧ Am I honoring my spiritual journey?
❧ Am I taking care of my emotional wellbeing?
❧ Do I have any attachments in need of letting go?
❧ Is there something in need of healing in my life?
❧ How can I bring more healing into the collective?

Oneness, or unity, is always found within, never disrupted by outside forces, forever residing in the silence behind our heartbeat ♥︎ ~ RoseAnna

Interpretations for each sign, by ascendant

For Aries, this solar eclipse might illuminate the need for rest and spiritual renewal. It’s a time to retreat from the hustle and retreat into a quiet, reflective space.

Taurus will find this eclipse highlighting their social circles and aspirations, urging them to connect with their dreams and the community that shares them.

Gemini may experience a surge of intuition guiding their career path or public image, pushing them towards their true calling.

For Cancer, this eclipse brings an adventurous spirit, encouraging exploration of new philosophies, cultures, or studies that expand their worldview.

Leo feels the eclipse in their shared resources, prompting a transformation in how they approach intimacy, finances, and personal growth.

Virgo, this celestial event shines on your closest relationships, offering insights and opportunities to deepen or redefine connections.

Libra may find the eclipse illuminating their daily routines and health, inspiring a spiritual or holistic approach to well-being.

Scorpio experiences a burst of creativity and romance, urging them to express their heart’s true desires.

Sagittarius could see shifts in their home or family life, driving them to create a sanctuary that reflects their inner peace.

Capricorn might discover the eclipse energizing their communication skills, leading to meaningful conversations or learning experiences that resonate deeply.

Aquarius, this event could highlight matters of self-worth and personal finance, encouraging a reassessment of what truly holds value.

Finally, for Pisces, the eclipse in their sign is a powerful moment of personal reinvention, offering a chance to shed old skins and embrace a new chapter with open heart and clarity.

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I wish you an auspicious new moon eclipse & many blessings! ✨

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