new moon in ashlesha august 2023
New Moon in Ashlesha August 2023 New Moon in AshleshaWednesday August 16th, 11:38 CET, 29° CancerOnly […]
Planetary transits for May ❧ Mercury conjunct Sun in Aries May 2❧ Venus in Gemini May […]
Full Moon in Ashlesha February 5
Full Moon in Ashlesha February 5th Sunday Feb 5th, 19:28 CET, 22° Cancer ♋︎ «Full Moon […]
Planetary transits for July 2022
Planetary transits for July 2022 ❧ Six planets in their own signs July 2❧ Saturn retrograde […]
vedic astrology post about cancer
Cancer, with the Moon as a ruler, is an emotional sign, yet it can be surprisingly […]
Food for thought…
“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”― Anais Nin
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