Planetary transits for May

❧ Mercury conjunct Sun in Aries May 2
❧ Venus in Gemini May 2
❧ Full Moon Eclipse in Libra May 5
❧ Sun Uranus conjunction in Aries May 9
❧ Mars in Cancer May 10
❧ Mercury direct in Aries May 15
❧ Sun in Taurus May 15
❧ New Moon in Taurus May 19
❧ Venus in Cancer May 30

Last month brought a an intense shift into the Aries energy, with Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu transiting the sign, putting the focus on new beginnings and seeking our inner truth. The intensity heightened even further as we were brought into the eclipse season of the spring with the solar eclipse in Aries, right as Mercury started its retrograde cycle in the signs as well.

This month will begin to usher out the intense focus on the Aries energy and start the process of settling and integrating the insights brought by the fiery Aries energy. If the solar eclipse surfaced any realizations for you, this month can start to anchor them more in practical actions as Sun moves into Taurus this month. However, we’re not out of the eclipse season just yet, as the Full Moon eclipse is still ahead of us this month, bringing out our emotional attitudes toward any processes initiated by the Sun’s eclipse in Aries.

Mercury conjunct Sun in Aries May 2

First off, we have Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Aries, giving us a chance to really ground and integrate any realizations the eclipse may have surfaced for us, letting everything sink in and providing us time for reflection before taking any further actions. Mercury’s expressive abilities might get a bit weakened during this time as Mercury is both retrograde and overpowered by the intensity of the Sun at the same time, so we may experience difficulties with our communication in the beginning of the month.

Venus in Gemini May 2

Venus moves into Gemini on May 2nd, emphasizing our desires for social connections and meeting new people. Venus in airy, communicative Gemini can also make for a spontaneous, flirty energy, as well as heightening our dramatic flair. This can be a good transit for new, creative ideas emerging, but be mindful of gossip or meddling in other people’s affairs.

Mars in Cancer May 10

Mars will move into Cancer on May 10th, its sign of debilitation, where Mars’ natural qualities of courage and action gets lost in the sensitive, inner waters that is Cancer. Mars here translates to us potentially loosing a bit of our emotional courage, the ability to fearlessly, and honestly, look within where Mars here is more likely to deflect and put up huge, protective walls around our emotions. Mars in Cancer can have a tendency to act out and lose its ability to control its emotions or act with emotional maturity.

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Mercury direct in Aries May 15

Mercury stations direct just as Sun moves into Taurus, calming some of the intense cosmic energy we’ve seen these past weeks. Now is a time for integration and start looking forward again, with new determination. Jupiter will have settled into Aries a bit by now as well, providing us with a more positive outlook and hopeful inspiration. Sun in Taurus will make us stubbornly determined to see projects come to life and get serious about the practical aspects of our work and life, perhaps this is a great time to get your finances in order or plan ahead to get a good outlook on your tasks and engagements.

Venus in Cancer May 30

Finally, Venus will move into Cancer on May 30th, putting an extra focus on our emotional attitude toward our relationships, our home situation or our willingness to compromise. Mars and Venus together creates friction, and in the sign of Cancer, this will most of all pertain to our sense of emotional peace and calm. This transit can be a bit challenging for our state of inner peace and test our ability to maintain control of our emotions and remain calm. This transit could also create some extra friction in those relationships closest to us, such as our family, where our patience might be tested and we might also experience an inner restlessness during this time.

As my final words for this update, I will say, this month still holds a lot of transformational energy, but ‘the worst is behind us’ as the planets start to disperse from the intense Aries gathering this month. Now perhaps, we are provided a time where our emotions can catch up to the potentially big, transformational, shifts we have been though and we can focus on integrating and laying down the new pieces of the puzzle. Where do WE fall in the puzzle of our lives? What is my own space amidst everything going on around me? Can I (or do I need to) make more room for myself to just ‘be’ or do I feel an itch to get on with new projects? This might also be a good month to see to your home, maybe redecorate or create a space for your creative projects.

I wish you a creative and joyful month of May!

Many blessings!

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