New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Ashwini April 2023

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Ashwini April 2023

Thursday April 20th, 06:11 CET, 5° Aries

Ashwini ‘the star of transport’

This New Moon will be in the nakshatra Ashwini, or ‘horse tamer’, the first nakshatra of the zodiac. Ashwini is a nakshatra influenced by an active, inspired and individualistic energy, which resonates with the fact that it’s also called ’the star of transport’. Under Ashwini’s influence, the soul enters the beginning of a new journey, seeking new adventures and leaving its own mark on the world.

Ashwini is symbolized by a horse’s head, showing the desire to freely explore the soul’s calling and express its individuality. Another meaning that can be found within this symbol is, just as the translation ‘horse tamer’ implies, that of managing to control our (unruly) desires in order to direct the creative energy toward a specific goal.

Ketu/Mars planetary rulers

The planetary ruler for Ashwini is Ketu, the south node, and as it’s located within Mars’ sign of Aries, there’s a combination of Ketu-Mars energy operating here. Ketu is a negating influence, pushing us closer toward our spirituality by denying worldly satisfaction. Mars represents the energy of the warrior, showing an ability to courageously charge forward or protect those in need. These two influences together leads my mind to a spiritual warrior, operating with a sense of duty and righteousness.

The Ashwini Kumaras

The deity that inhabits this nakshatra is the Ashwini Kumaras, twin horsemen born of Surya and physicians of the gods. Ashwini nakshatra is closely linked with the dawning of a new day and the Ashwini kumaras bring enlightenment to the people through their healing powers, said to provide light, vitality and happiness to anyone in need. This is also why they are often linked with ayurvedic medicine.

Implications of the Solar Eclipse

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon moves into an exact conjunction in the sky, as the Moon positions itself between the earth and the Sun. This time the New Moon will also be aligning with Rahu, the north node of the Moon and one of the eclipse points, resulting in a total solar eclipse (only 5° apart).

The solar eclipse will put the focus onto our sense of purpose and individuality, as well as our personal desires or (self-)will and can bring up questions such as ‘who am I really?’ or ‘what is my path?’, ‘what is it that I really want?’. This can be a time where new ideas or insights come up for you, but also a time for evaluating what makes you feel truly inspired and what gives your life (and your sense of self) meaning.

The eclipse can surface those areas where you feel that you might’ve been compromising too much, or where you don’t want to compromise at all and need to follow your heart. The Sun is the natural significator of the first house, as well as the main planet of dharma (personal truth, or path), so this transit is focused on bringing you more into alignment with your path. The eclipses come in six-month-cycles, providing a chance to integrate any insights surfaced until the next cycle of eclipses begins in October.

Special considerations

Normally the new moon is connected to new beginnings and launching new projects, but this is not advised during a solar eclipse. As always when it comes to Rahu, there’s an influence of confusion as Rahu is responsible for encasing the luminaries in shadow and there is also an added risk of impulsivity with its involvement. Take note of what you are experiencing and any inclinations that may arise, but perhaps hold off on making any decisions until after the eclipse has passed, and focus on calming or mindful activities instead.

Just little more than 24 hours after the eclipse, Mercury will start its retrograde journey in Aries as well, putting the breaks on our personal projects and providing us an opportunity to reflect and internalize whatever may have surfaced for us during the eclipse. You can read more about Mercury’s retrograde cycle here.

We’ll also see Jupiter crossing the Pisces/Aries Gandanta point before moving into Aries on April 22nd, adding to the pressure of the many planetary influences we are currently experiencing in Aries and the turbulence we may experience during these intense transits.

Some questions for reflection:

Am I experiencing any changes in my (personal) desires?

Am I holding back from enlivening my full potential?

Is there something I wish to do that I have not yet realized?

Am I able to sacrifice short-term, worldly desires in order to work for my highest goal?

New Moon blessings!

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Interpretations for each sign:


Shadow patterns or subconscious behaviors in relationships, communication with your partner might be affected now with Ketu in the seventh house of relationships, so this is not the time for unnecessary arguments. Limiting beliefs about your self image or potential can surface. With Rahu in the first house of self there could be a strong sense of self will and individuality, this is not the time for impulsivity.


Issues from the past resurfacing with Rahu in your twelfth house of dreams and the past, perhaps old betrayals or sorrow coming into new light. There could be some issues with sleep during a few day around the eclipse and a more active dream life. Stick to your health routines and meditation practice if you’ve got one.


Instances where you’ve neglected to follow your passion, or joy coming to the forefront. Could means issues with children with Ketu in the fifth house of creativity and children. Changes in friendships, could be new one emerging or old ones falling away with Rahu in the eleventh house of friendships. Perhaps not the best days to start new projects or make big changes, wait a couple of days until the Moon has moved on.


Emotional issues, or old wounds surfacing with Ketu in the fourth house of emotions. Could be things from your childhood or relating to your mother, or changes in your home. You may want some changes or new direction in your work or career, or get some new information to consider with your work with Rahu in the tenth house of career. This is not the time for any major changes around your home, wait until after this has passed.


New information coming in, changes in how you process information and express your truth with Ketu in the third house of communication. Past issues with siblings coming into light, gurus falling from grace. You may reevaluate who you trust and where you receive your information. Seeking a new direction or inspiration in your spiritual practice with Rahu in the ninth house of spirituality.


Emotional transformation, old fears or subconscious behaviors surfacing to heal with Rahu in your eighth house. Might bring out changes in your personal values or issues with practical matters, with Ketu in the second house of values and money. Focus on your emotional well-being and no drastic changes during the days surrounding the eclipse.


Shadow patterns in relationships coming to light with Rahu in the seventh house of relationships. There could also be something surfacing in regards to your self image, if you have neglected yourself or been unwillingness to compromise it can surface now with Ketu in the first house of self. Take care of your self and stay with your health routines during this time.


You may become more aware of your health and diet with Rahu in the sixth house of health. Changing or upgrading your health routines, stick with your meditation practice if you’ve got one. Your intuition may get stronger, your dream life more active. There could be old betrayals or sorrow surfacing with Ketu in the twelfth house, sleep patterns may get disturbed during this transit.


New ideas coming in with Rahu in the fifth house of inspiration, write them down and see if it’s something you want to pursue after this has passed. Issues with children surfacing. Changes in social circles, or friendships with Ketu in the eleventh house of friends. Old friends returning or relationships falling away.


Emotional unrest or issues with mother surfacing with Rahu in the forth house of emotion. You might want to make changes in your home, or even move, but if possible wait until after the eclipse has passed. There could be some changes happening or issues surfacing with your work with Ketu in the tenth house of career.


Changes in how you seek information, seeking new interests with Rahu in the third house of interests and communication. You may have a difficult time communicating clearly during this eclipse, so any important conversations can perhaps wait until after. With Ketu in the ninth house of spirituality and higher learning, you might want to change your spiritual practice or become more nit-picky with what sort of information you take in.


There could be issues surfacing around money and material security with Rahu in the second house of money. This could also mean a change in your values, or bringing past values from childhood or your family into new light. With Ketu in the eighth house of transformation there could be some old emotional wounds or fears surfacing that need to be resolved.

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