Full moon in hasta april 6 21° virgo

Full Moon in Hasta April 6th

Thursday April 6th, 06:33 CET, 21° Virgo

This Full Moon will be in the nakshatra Hasta ‘the blessing hand’, in the sidereal Virgo, which signifies healing, mystical wisdom and analytical acuity.

Savitar the Sun god

Hasta is home to the deity Savitar the Sun god, son of Aditi the universal mother, who represents another form of Surya (the Sun). Savitar blesses us with the ability to light up our environment by sharing divine knowledge and provides its natives with an aptitude for healing. Virgo is the zodiac sign most often associated with healing, and there is a strong influence of that here, as well as an heightened sensitivity with Moon as the ruler for this nakshatra.

The symbol for Hasta is a hand with an open palm, strengthening its connection with sharing the healing energy, and that signifies devotion to our teachings through continued practical application. The hand also signifies dexterity and skillfulness, there is a sense of applying ourselves and devoting oneself to hard work in order to succeed with this nakshatra. The hand is the instrument that skillfully directs the creative energy, representing action and manifestation. The shadow side of Hasta is a tendency for a strong self-will or ego, and a desire to receive recognition or praise for actions.

The planetary ruler for Hasta is the Moon, which shows the innate sensitivity and strong intuitive knowledge that can be found here. Because Hasta is located within Mercury’s sign of Virgo, there is an influence of Moon-Mercury energy here, adding the mental prowess and analytical abilities that can be seen with this nakshatra. There is a delicate side to Hasta, as seen by the combination of these two planets, showing a need to be gentle with ourselves and take care of our physical wellbeing.

This Full Moon will also receive the special aspect of Mars, as well as the direct aspect of Jupiter in Pisces, adding to the theme of devoting ourselves to being of service and supplying us with a fiery determination. The previous New Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada called us to free ourselves from attachments and release control of worldly things, and here we are being asked to devote ourselves to our practices and being of service, setting aside any personal gain.

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The symbol of the open hand is also about receiving gains from previous efforts, so take some time to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy the fruits of your labors this Full Moon. This can also be a good opportunity to set aside some time for relaxing activities or to prioritize your own healing if you feel the need to re-vitalize yourself. As this is a nakshatra that deals with health and refinement, this can also be a good time to pay extra attention to refining your health routines.

This nakshatra also makes me think of mystical teachings and occult knowledge, so this Full Moon could be a great time for creating a sacred space for yourself or performing rituals to aid in your manifestations. Even the simple change of adding a sense of ritual to everyday tasks can completely transform our attitude towards them, increasing our motivation and sense of enjoyment. If you’re highly sensitive like myself, this Full Moon can be a great time to reflect upon ways that you can honor your sensitivity and get more in touch with your intuition.

Some questions to reflect upon this Full Moon:

❧ Am I taking proper care of my health? Or am I overstepping my boundaries, not listening to my body’s signals to rest and relax?

❧ Are my daily routines supporting my desired (optimal) level of vitality and energy? Are there some areas where I need to adjust my priorities?

❧ How can I bring a sense of magic or devotion into my practices?

❧ Am I devoted to practicing my teachings?

Full Moon blessings!

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