Leo, the fifth sign, is the politician, natural born leader, the proud and mighty lion. From the mythological tales, Leo is the king, ruling alongside Cancer, the queen. Leo natives have an air of importance about them, they like to be the center of attention and people usually like them because they can be very charismatic. Although it would be best not to offend them, their pride gets hurt easily and they do not respond well to criticism. Leos, having the Sun as its ruler, can develop a strong ego, they can be self centered and even vain. They are well suited for politics, working with government and often do well at sports.

Some thoughts about the fourth house

Time flies – and so do we! πŸ˜‰ ..sort of, actually we’re right in the middle of a move. Last couple of weeks has been nothing but packing boxes and looking at color samples. It’s been a while since my last post. But in the spirit of moving, I thought I’d share some thoughts about it from an astrological point of view.

The fourth house signifies real estate and your home. A move, or change of home, is kind of a disruption of the fourth house, a separation from the place that is now serving as your home – your safe space and place of comfort and rest – to a new location that is not yet β€˜home’ to you, you haven’t put down any roots yet, you’re not emotionally connected or feel at home there yet. Anyway, I used to look at β€˜good’ or β€˜bad’ indications for moving, but maybe that’s all backwards in more than the obvious way (planets aren’t β€˜good’ and β€˜bad’ the way I used to think) but also – what if you consider moving as a disruptive event and therefore should look to the planets that would in fact create the most disruptive energy needed to make that change? Which planets would support such a changeful event, where you cut ties with the place you’re currently most secure? (Hopefully – let’s assume here that we feel comfortable where we live). In this case I think of Mars (the ruler of real estate) and Saturn (surrender and commitment, what about creating long lasting ties with your new home?). Also, you could look at what’s happening in the third house, as it’s the twelfth from the fourth house of home, and the twelfth from any house means loss from that house – and isn’t a move sort of a loss of your home, or at least the end of living in your current house?

However, before looking at what’s going with transits through the houses, be sure to check which dasha (planetary time period) is running. If, for ex Jupiter rules your fourth house, check when the next Jupiter dasha or sub-dasha is coming up. You could also look at Moon – rules the fourth house – and Mars – the ruler of real estate – for information. When these dashas show up the things ruled by these planets gets activated. Another thing to look for is any planets in the fourth house, because they also get activated when their dasha runs. Let’s say Venus is in the fourth house, when a Venus-dasha runs then Venus becomes activated and by association the fourth house as well.

So, to summarize, the indications I look for when moving are:

  1. Dasha or sub-dasha for fourth house ruler
  2. Dasha or sub-dasha for Moon or Mars
  3. Dasha or sub-dasha for planets occupying the fourth house
  4. Transits in the fourth house
  5. Transits of the fourth house ruler
  6. If there’s something happening in the third house (12th from 4th, loss of home?)

I hope you’ve had a great start of the year,


Chakras and the planets

Today, I was reading through some of my notes about the chakra system’s relationship to the planets which I find super interesting, both from an astrological perspective and from my background working with health and nutrition. I feel like the chakra system is an example of something which you take β€˜for granted’ (sort of, follow me here), everybody’s heard about it, you hear the term everywhere, you can buy things that are supposedly good for your chakras etc, but if you ask someone what they actually are, you rarely get an answer more precise than β€˜it’s an energy thing’. I do not presume to know what they are, (or if they even exist in the way we think) I just find it interesting.

Anyway, I read about this connection between the fourth chakra and the thymus gland, which got me thinking about all this to start with, but let’s go through it from the beginning. Here’s what you usually find about the chakras:

Crown chakra, Ruler: None, Element: None
Third eye, Ruler: Sun & Moon, Element: None
Throat chakra, Ruler: Mercury, Element: Ether
Heart chakra, Ruler: Venus, Element: Air
Solar plexus, Ruler: Mars, Element: Fire
Sacral chakra, Ruler: Jupiter, Element: Water
Root chakra, Ruler: Saturn, Element: Earth

Planetary rulership of the chakras

Now, Saturn is exalted in Libra, where you find the fourth chakra. This resonates well with the thought that you need Saturn’s blessing for a relationship to become lasting, if you do not have any connection with Saturn when looking at the chart, at least you loose Saturn’s aspect of longevity in the relationship (well, maybe you get the happy, joyous energy of Venus). Saturn does bring hard lessons, but Saturn signifies longevity and therefore makes things last. You usually read all kind of things about how β€˜dreadful’ Saturn is, but the highest form of Saturn is also commitment, what makes us really commit to something, even when it’s hard. So, Saturn’s not all bad. Anyway, the position of the fourth chakra of the heart is very close to the position of the thymus gland, and there’s this one theory I’ve read about, which correlates the chakras to the endocrine glands in the body that I find very compelling. Following this theory the responding endocrine glands are:

Crown: Pineal gland
Third eye: Pituitary gland
Throat: Thyroid & parathyroid
Heart: Thymus
Solar plexus: Pancreas
Sacral: Reproductive glands
Root: Adrenals

There’s some discrepancies about which gland is represented by each chakra, but this is the description which I found resonated most with me. The adrenals are actually located closer to the solar plexus chakra physiologically, but if you think about it, it’s actually not that strange that they should be represented in this way, seeing as that’s the direction we supposedly bring in new energy – from the ground up. The adrenals are in large responsible for balancing our energy levels, so it only seems fitting that they should be put with the chakra responsible for bringing in energy, right? This is something I will dive deeper into for sure, but I found this connection very interesting. There’s a lot more to add on this subject, more posts will come.

Cosmic greetings! 🌞