Planetary transits for March 2024

Planetary transits for March 2024

All planets lined up within 4 signs Mar 6-14
Mercury in Pisces Mar 7
Venus in Aquarius Mar 7
Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces Mar 8
New moon in Aquarius Mar 10
Sun in Pisces Mar 14
Mars in Aquarius Mar 15
Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces Mar 17
Mercury conjunct Rahu in Pisces Mar 19
Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius Mar 21
Full Moon in Virgo Mar 25
Mercury in Aries Mar 25

Last month came with a time of forward movement and new wind in our sails as all the planets turned direct. We also had an interesting occurrence when all the planets lined up within four signs, from Capricorn to Aries, which means that each and every one of them ultimately had to answer to Saturn (being the final dispositor of them all). Both of these themes will continue on as we enter the month of March, so we can still feel the forward momentum that began last month, but Saturn ultimately calls us to be mindful of how we spend our energy and of not taking on more commitments than we can efficiently manage. We might also experience difficulties with communicating clearly or even a test of our patience, as Mercury moves into its signs of debilitation this month.

Mercury in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius March 7th

Mercury will move into Pisces on the same day as Venus moves into Aquarius, which might change the social dynamics of our relationships or the way we interact with others for the time being. Mercury moving into Pisces means a transit through its sign of debilitation, where Mercury’s qualities of discernment and detail orientation gets lost on the vast ocean that is Pisces. This can be a time where our communication becomes subject to misinterpretations or where things gets lost in translation, so make an effort to be extra clear and precise in your communications during this time. Just after transiting into Pisces, Mercury will also move into an exact conjunction with dreamy Neptune, adding to the risk of miscommunications or unintentionally inflicting emotional wounds with the things that we say, so be gentle with your speech and try to speak from the heart while these two influences intermingle.

Venus in Aquarius on the other hand can be a time when our longing for community and genuine relationships makes itself more prominent and can be a good time for making new acquaintances or expanding our social networks with truthful and authentic connections. Venus here might however mean that we can become more self-conscious or aware about our personal shortcomings and therefore give rise to feelings of reclusiveness or shyness, so remember the positive side of this placement which is that of letting our own uniqueness shine and let others see and accept you for who you truly are.

Sun in Pisces March 14th

Sun moves into Pisces as well on the 14th, starting off this year’s Pisces season. Happy birthday to all Pisces suns! This is a time where the focus shifts toward deep (soul) connections and going deeper into the mysteries of our existence. This is a time to really explore how things feel on a deeper level, no matter how they might look on the outside, and determining what’s really important and what might just be unhealthy attachments that we might have trouble releasing. Pisces can also call forth our dreamy, artistic or poetic side, so for those of you who are artistically bent, this can be a wonderfully creative time as well.

Shortly after moving into Pisces the sun will also move into an exact conjunction with Neptune on the 17th, calling us to tune in to how things align at a soul level and to listen to the inner voice of your heart. This can also be a time where connections, memories or wounds from the past resurfaces or when we become more sensitive to criticism and our pride becomes more easily wounded, so keep this in mind as well during this time.

Mercury conjunct Rahu in Pisces March 19th

Mercury will move into an exact conjunction with Rahu at 21°33’ Pisces (3-3-3 numerologically) on the 19th, causing even more disruptions for an already “troubled” Mercury. This can also be a time where our communication becomes troubled as Mercury gets close to the mythological head of the dragon, that has the capacity to swallow a planet whole. This is a time to be careful with our words and to be deliberate with our speech. This is also a time when we can become more prone to imagine things or magnify destructive thoughts, so keep this in mind as well.

Mercury in Aries March 25th

Mercury eventually moves out of its debilitation when transiting into Aries on March 25th, changing the focus to our individual expression and the pursuit of new, inspiring, ideas. Here, Mercury’s qualities of creativity and curiosity becomes fired up and seeks an outward expression yet again. This is a good time to be clear about your intentions and to take action on your creative pursuits! This can also be a good time to consciously direct your personal narrative, the inner story you’ve created about your life, your purpose or your talents, and to be mindful of thinking about yourself in negative terms or releasing negative thought patterns that don’t support your growth. Let creativity reign and focus on finding constructive outlets for your energy during this time!

Final thoughts

February’s transits turned the focus onto getting all the practical aspects of life into order and taking a look at what commitments we wish to adhere to. The month of March will shift the focus onto getting in tune with our inner reality and how all of those commitments and practical aspects feel to us on the inside. This is a month for turning the focus within and getting in touch with our emotions. As more of the cosmic forces of intelligence begin to enter dreamy Pisces, now is a time when we can focus on the dream that we hold deep in our hearts and what we wish to create. This is a time to listen inwards and open up for our inner communication to come through, and a good time for getting more in touch with our intuition. What is your intuition calling you to do?

I wish you a great month of March and many blessings!

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