Planetary transits for February 2024

Planetary transits for February 2024

All planets direct
Mercury in Capricorn Feb 1
Mars in Capricorn Feb 5
New moon in Capricorn Feb 9
Mercury combust Feb 9 – Mar 7
Venus in Capricorn Feb 12
Saturn combust in Aquarius Feb 12 – Mar 16
Sun in Aquarius Feb 13
Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Feb 14
Mercury in Aquarius Feb 20
Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn Feb 22
Full Moon in Leo Feb 24
Sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury Feb 28

January began with a powerful exchange between Jupiter and Mars, calling us to take a look at our vision for the future and what aspects of our lives bring us most meaning and purpose and what we would like to take with us as we entered a new year. By the time February begins, all the planets will now have turned direct, a cycle that will last all the way until the beginning of April.

This is a time when things begin to gain momentum and we get a sense of moving forward with our lives, when we move forward with our projects with wind in our sails. This is the perfect time to get really clear on your goals so that you can make the most of this forward momentum and manifest what you are longing to create. However, be conscious about your actions and your direction, as your momentum can either take you closer to your goals, or further along a path you might actually wish to change, so take pause every once in a while and reflect on your progress.

Mars in Capricorn February 5th

Mars will enter Capricorn on February 5th, its sign of exaltation, where Mars’s qualities of action and discipline comes into their right element. In Capricorn, a sign of determination and hard work, Mars’s abilities can help us accelerate our growth, be disciplined and take our projects to the next level. After getting fired up about our beliefs and our ideas in Sagittarius, now Mars can focus on turning our inspired ideas into practical actions in earthy Capricorn. Now we might be feeling more ready and committed to apply our teachings and our beliefs in a practical manner. This can also be a time when we become more clear about what we are really committed to and which things truly feel important and worth the effort.

Venus in Capricorn February 12th

When Venus moves into Capricorn on February 12th, all eleven planets will be lined up within four signs, from Capricorn to Aries. Ultimately, this means that all the planets eventually answers to Saturn during this time (Saturn being the final dispositor of all the planets by rulership) and so this is a great time for consciously observing our actions and which ones help bring us closer to the best, highest version of ourselves that we strive to become.

Venus, planet of love and beauty, entering earthy Capricorn means that we will likely adopt a more practical and realistic outlook on our relationships or business partners. Venus in Saturn-ruled Capricorn acquires a slightly more serious and conscientious nature, that takes all the aspects of our agreements into careful consideration. While in goal-oriented Capricorn, Venus can help us get more into the practical details surrounding our creative projects and is a great time for taking our artistic pursuits to the next level.

Sun in Aquarius February 13th

Aquarius season begins on February 13th. Happy birthday to all Aquarius suns! This is a time of inspired (or unconventional) ideas, forging ahead with our (unique) vision and letting opinions or beliefs that might’ve stopped us in the past fall by the wayside. After skiing its light on the practical matters in Capricorn, sun now turns the focus outward yet again, now onto how we can share our talents with our surrounding community and realize our dreams. Aquarius is a sign of humanitarian action and brings into focus all the different ways that we can be of service, for our family, our friends, our community or the world at large.

Saturn combust in Aquarius February 12th – March 16th

After its entrance into Aquarius, the sun will gradually envelop Saturn in more and more in its radiant light, eventually blocking it from view. This is a phenomenon called combustion, when a planet becomes overpowered by the strong light of the sun. In the case of Saturn, this can mean that the sun will cast its purifying rays on our fears, commitments and in the higher sense our determination to follow though, on our word and our dharma – our path.

This can be a time of revelations when it comes to our commitments and on what things in life we spend our precious time and energy. It can be a great time to reflect on our lives and ask ourselves, am I putting my efforts into the ‘right’ things? What karma am I committing to by the actions I take every single day? Am I creating more stress, or more peace, by the things I do (or don’t do) every day? Are my actions/inaction resulting in more harmony in my life?

Saturn is the planet that inevitably makes us reap what we sow and that governs all the mundane tasks and routines that we do repeatedly, every day, so this can be a great time to look over our daily routines and how we look after our physical, as well as spiritual, health.

Fiery conjunction with Mars, Pluto and Venus on Valentine’s day, February 14th

After moving into Capricorn on February 12th, Venus will successively move closer and closer to both Mars and Pluto, resulting in the three of them forming a conjunction on February 14th. This year’s Valentine’s day comes with a powerful exact conjunction between Mars and Pluto, with Venus only five degrees apart. Expect sparks to be flying this Valentine! This powerful three-party conjunction can lead to power struggles and combativeness on the one hand, or an expression of passionate feelings and focused creativity on the other.

Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn February 22nd

Venus and Mars have successively moved closer and closer together and will form an exact conjunction on February 22nd. This is not the culmination of their entanglement however, as directly afterwards, they will engage in a planetary war (when planets move within 1° from each other) until February 26th when Venus eventually starts gaining degrees away from Mars.

Venus and Mars always brings into light the polarity between the masculine and feminine, and can show instances of intense passion or even power struggles in our relationships. There is usually an element of competition as these two planets engage in what is essentially a war of willpower, which unavoidably create a lot of friction between the two. Pick your battles and be mindful of criticism or issues with jealousy at this time.

Triple conjunction between sun, Saturn and Mercury at 15° Capricorn on February 28th

There will be a quite special triple conjunction between sun, Saturn and Mercury on February 28th, when they all meet up at exactly 15° Aquarius. This unusual union can lead to feelings of unrest, impatience and worries, especially if we’ve had financial problems or issues with material security, this can be brought to the forefront by this alignment. This is a conjunction that really highlights the air element, due both to the planet Saturn and, in part, Mercury, in addition to the airiness of Aquarius, which can cause mental stress or conflicts, so focus on calming and grounding activities during the days around the 28th.

Final thoughts

January came with a sense of new inspiration and perhaps a revising of old beliefs or the beginning of a new vision. February begins the process of transforming our ideas and visions from Sagittarius into new routines and a plan of action in Capricorn. This really is a month for practical actions and for making any necessary changes that perhaps we’ve been putting off for a while, but now we can make use of the forward momentum this month to forward our goals. This is a great time for consciously reflecting on our actions, daily routines and commitments, and whether they take us closer to our goals.

I wish you an inspired February and many blessings!

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