Leo, the fifth sign, is the politician, natural born leader, the proud and mighty lion. From the mythological tales, Leo is the king, ruling alongside Cancer, the queen. Leo natives have an air of importance about them, they like to be the center of attention and people usually like them because they can be very charismatic. Although it would be best not to offend them, their pride gets hurt easily and they do not respond well to criticism. Leos, having the Sun as its ruler, can develop a strong ego, they can be self centered and even vain. They are well suited for politics, working with government and often do well at sports.

The South Indian style chart


Today I thought I’d go over some fundamentals about the South Indian style chart, which is the one that I’m using. I find it’s easier to get an overview of the planetary sign rulerships than with the North Indian chart (but maybe that’s just me). Here’s how they look:

Okay, so the left is an example of a South Indian chart, and the right is a North Indian style. In the South style, the signs always remain in the same place, you just rotate the house numbers. In the North style, the houses are always the same, but you rotate the signs (and therefore also which ‘place’ the planets rule), the first house is marked with the number one, and that square will always be the first house, no matter which sign. In the South style chart, the planets will always rule the same squares where they are, and so I find it’s easier to get an overview.

If your ascendant is Leo, then Leo becomes your first house, Virgo the second house, Libra the third, and so on in a clockwise manner. If your ascendant is Sagittarius, then that sign becomes your first house, Capricorn becomes the second house, and so on. The planets rule two signs each, except for the Sun and Moon, who each rule one sign. So, for the Leo ascendant, the Sun will rule the first house and the Moon will rule over the twelfth house, while for the Sagittarius ascendant Moon will rule the eight house and Sun rules the ninth house.

Hope this made sense!

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Cancer, with the Moon as a ruler, is an emotional sign, yet it can be surprisingly hard to know what their true feelings really are. Consider the crab, it has a rock-hard exoskeleton for protection, but underneath it’s soft. Cancer ascendants can be very private and hard to pierce, but once they’ve let you in, they can trust you with their feelings. Being a water sign, as well as having Moon as a ruler, is maybe what gives Cancer a strong intuition.

Cancer the crab

The element of water relates to emotions, and often gives a stronger intuition. Family and home is very important to Cancer ascendants. Consider the fact that Venus rules the fourth house of home and the eleventh house of desires for Cancer. They can also have this ability to feel at home wherever they go. Cancer ascendants can be patriotic, be very fond of spiritual teachings or higher learning and studying in general. Cancer rules the heart and chest. The signature phrase for Cancer is β€œI feel”.

Long time, no see

Wow, time really goes by fast! It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I usually work or study while my son sleeps during the day, but these last weeks he’s been sleeping less and so I’ve had less time to write. Well, now my little angel is sleeping, so here’s a post for today!

Gemini, ruled by quick Mercury (see what I did there?πŸ˜‰) gives a fast-paced mind, with new ideas constantly rising. This is also given by the fact that the element of the sign is air, which has to do with mind and communication. Gemini represent the intellect, thoughts, writing, quick changes and freedom to follow their feelings. Geminis are often very impressionable, with Moon ruling the second house. Though they change interests quickly, they follow their heart, because the ruler of the ascendant also ruler the fourth house of emotions. Once they’ve made up their minds about something, they can be a bit stubborn, because then it’s attached to a feeling. Geminis have a lot of creative energy, but it usually takes a more expressive, rather than aesthetic, form, they could do well as writers. Gemini rules the lungs, the shoulders, arms and hands – Geminis often talk with their hands. The signature phrase for Gemini is β€˜I think’.

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Taurus, the second sign, ruled by Venus, represents enjoyment, stability and creativity. Very true to their earth element, Taurus natives really want to enjoy life, they value their possessions and beautiful things. Taureans can be very enduring, sometimes even complacent and lazy, as long as they have their comforts. Stubbornness is another Taurean trait. Taurus’s words are “I own”. After birth, and the first few months, you start to realize that you are a separate being, separate from your mother. You realize that you have your own body and as you grow you start forming your values, ideas, your own thoughts and own your own things. Aries, the first sign, represent your birth and your body, and Taurus represent what comes after that; it signifies the first 18 years of growing up. The values which you form growing up, and later, those that you come to hold as your own are represented by Taurus.

Taurus, the bull

It represents money, values, possessions and your clothes. Which are the things that I value most, that represent who I am? Do I tie my sense of security to things that I own, or to money? What does the clothes that I choose say about me? What relationship do I have to my possessions? Am I giving, generous or greedy? These are things that are connected to the sign of Taurus, and also to the second house of the birth chart, since Taurus was the original second house there are some overlap. Taurus represents enjoyment, pleasure, appreciation of beauty, sweet flavor, food, also nature and gardening. Taureans are often connoisseurs of fine wine and dining. Taurus represents the face, mouth, throat and the neck.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac

The 12 signs of the zodiac are one of the foundations of astrology. Imagine that the horoscope is like a map, the signs would be the makeup of the land and the houses of the chart would be the map of differentiated areas, superimposed over that land (the houses are superimposed over the signs in the southern Indian style which is the one I use). The planets are the rulers of the different lands, but they usually don’t stay in place. Instead they often visit other lands than their own; sometimes friendly places, where they could give positive results, but sometimes they go into enemy’s territory and that could make them weakened. This was my simple way of trying to paint a picture of the relationship between the three foundations of signs, houses and planetary positions. Lets go more into detail about the first sign of the zodiac, which is Aries.

Aries the ram

Aries represents strong will and individuation. Being the first sign, the realisation of separation from the whole – I am my own person – first came with Aries, which is what gives Arians their strong sense of identity. Aries is willpower, drive, ego and impulsivity. Arians are self assertive, strong minded, courageous and walks their own path (or forges a new path altogether!). Don’t tell an Aries native what to do! Aries represents the top of the head, the eyes and the forehead (some teachings say the face is signified by the second house). The Aries words are β€œI am”… what am I? What is my sense of self, my identity? Which are the things I tie my identity (or self worth) to? These are the sort of speculations tied to the sign of Aries, but also to the first house of the horoscope. Since Aries was the original first house, the first house carries some of the qualities related to the sign of Aries, and this is an example of where there are some overlap between signs and houses when it comes to their significations. This is also one explanation why not everyone born in the same sun-sign would have the same sense of identity, because their first house (ascendant) would be in different signs.