Planetary transits for January 2024

❧ Jupiter & Mars exchange Jan 1-31
❧ Mercury direct in Scorpio Jan 1
❧ Mercury in Sagittarius Jan 7
❧ New moon in Sagittarius Jan 11
❧ Sun in Capricorn Jan 14
❧ Venus in Sagittarius Jan 18
❧ Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Jan 20
❧ Full Moon in Cancer Jan 25
❧ Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius Jan 27
❧ Uranus stations direct in Aries Jan 27

December came with a time for reflection and the potential for a course-correction, a time for setting new goals for the new year ahead and re-evaluating our commitments and priorities. January begins with renewed energy as Jupiter stations direct on December 31st, ushering in the potential of new possibilities and renewed optimism right as the month begins. Now’s a time to look to the future and the goals we wish to make reality as we move into 2024.

Jupiter & Mars exchange Jan 1-31st

Just a few days before Jupiter stationed direct, Mars moved into the sign of Sagittarius on December 28th, resulting in an exchange between the two that all last throughout the month of January. This exchange happens as Jupiter transits Mars’s sign of Aries, while Mars journeys through Sagittarius, a sign that belongs to Jupiter. This leads to a heightening of the energy between these two planets and their respective qualities, which might cause a rise of fiery ambition and inspiration, but that could also make us more fired up about our opinions or (self-)righteously professing our beliefs or ideals upon others. Stay open to new ideas and focus on ways that you can transform your inspiration into applicable ideas or practical actions as the month progresses.

Mercury in Sagittarius Jan 7th

Mercury stations direct on January 1st in the sign of Scorpio and thus begins tracing back its retrogression degrees in order to yet again pass into fiery Sagittarius on January 7th. As Mercury retraces its steps, we are provided with a great opportunity to observe and revise our thoughts and the inner dialogue that we keep. Are we fostering a positive mindset, or are we thinking about ourselves in a negative way? Where do we need to ‘self-correct’ and cast ourselves in a different, more positive light?

When Mercury enters Sagittarius for the second time this cycle, we can feel a new sense of inspiration and a renewed enthusiasm for the ideas and plans we hold for the future. This is a time to look forward, make plans and ignite our inner curiosity! What makes us feel inspired? What captures our interest, that we wish to learn more about? How can we be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the people in our lives, or our community at large?

Sun in Capricorn Jan 14th

The sun enters Capricorn on January 14th, resulting in the beginning of Capricorn season! This brings a shift in focus from visionary fire into practical earth, from inspired ideas into applicable strategies. This is a time for taking a structured approach and making the ideas from Sagittarius into reality. The sun in Capricorn can naturally heighten our ambition and sense of dedication, which is great for completing the necessary (or tedious) tasks, and seeking practical results in our endeavors.

This is also a good time to assess what we are truly committed to and to prioritize how, and on what, we spend the most energy and time on. What results do the combined efforts that we make yield? Are we putting our time into the ‘right’ things, or wasting time on pointless distractions or fruitless endeavors? How can we create more structure and effectiveness, either in our daily routines, chores or work tasks?

Venus in Sagittarius Jan 18th

Venus will move into Sagittarius on January 18th, bringing a change of pace from the heavy waters of Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius. This can feel like a boost for Venus, bringing a playful, flirtatious energy to our relationships, and an elevated desire for new experiences and adventures. Venus in Sagittarius can bring an influx of creative energy and a new desire to express ourselves, so this could be a good time for looking towards what inspires you and ways to bring out your inner creativity, whether that be through drawing, painting, singing or dancing.

Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius Jan 27th

As Mercury enters Sagittarius it will gradually move closer and closer to Mars, resulting in an exact conjunction on January 27th. This union could lead to a fiery outburst of ideas and beliefs, as well as the potential for heated arguments to erupt during the days around the 27th. The influence of fiery Mars on Mercury, while in fiery Sagittarius no less, can make us fired up about our beliefs and opinions, in addition to firing up our communication and the way we assert our ideas on others.

Be mindful of self-righteousness at this time, and be sure to pick your battles, as differences of opinions could easily turn into arguments at this time. Mars conjoining Mercury could potentially also show us where we are to close-minded and set in our beliefs, or where we need to let go off the desire to be right at any cost. If we can shift our perspective from a simple ‘no, you’re wrong’ to ‘interesting.. I’m curious to know more about why you think this way’ we’ve come a long way in developing the openness that Mercury ultimately can provide us with!

Final thoughts

December was a month of introspection and course-correction, but January feels like a month of moving forward, with new hope and inspiration! This feels especially true as with January comes a time where all the planets will be moving forward, which will last all the way until the month of April. This is the time to actualize our plans and make our ideas come to life, bringing our visions for the future into our hearts and taking the necessary steps forward.

Right now, as I am writing this, it is the middle of December and I’m thinking about the year that has passed and what my goals are for next year. It’s been a year of ups and downs, but ultimately I am very grateful for all the teachings and experiences that have come my way this year and it is with a positive feeling that I look forward to 2024. As 2023 draws to a close, I would also like to take a moment and thank you all for joining me on this journey and supporting my work! I’m so glad you are all here, and curious as to what changes and adventures that next year will bring for us all!

Much gratitude and all the best wishes for 2024!

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