new moon in jyeshta december 13th 2023

New Moon in Jyeshta December 13th 2023

Wednesday, December 13th, 00:32 CET, 26° Scorpio ♏︎

«Mere hours before Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius. With combust Mars in Scorpio and aspected by Saturn in Aquarius»

Jyeshta ‘the elder star’

This new moon will be in the nakshatra Jyeshta, ‘the elder star’, the last nakshatra within the sign of Scorpio. This is the nakshatra where the final reckoning with the deep waters of our inner truth takes place. Often referred to as the ‘eldest’ or ‘the chief star’, Jyeshta signifies seniority, maturity and accomplishment. It is also within Jyeshta that we must ultimately accept our inability to control everything and surrender our self-will before eventually seeking a higher meaning beyond the ego’s desires.

This is also shown by the deity that resides here, which is Indra, the king of gods, who got so caught up in his own magnificence that he eventually fell from grace due to his excessive pride, which shows the importance of remaining humble and avoid becoming stagnant in our own desires in order to remain open to new possibilities revealing themselves along the way. Jyeshta holds the transformation point on the soul’s journey where we need to let our materialistic desires go in order to follow the path to our spirituality, as well as our inner truth. Jyeshta, bringing forth the energy of the hag, calls us to shatter our illusions and fearlessly look the truth in the eye, digging deep into the truth of our emotions and how we really feel.

The symbols linked to Jyeshta is either an earring or an umbrella, both of which are old symbols that denote the achievement of status and power. The planetary ruler for Jyeshta is Mercury, which shows the importance of remaining intellectually flexible and being open to new ideas. Mercury also shows the mental acuity, cunning abilities and the sharpness of mind that can be seen with this nakshatra. Together with the influence of intuitive Scorpio, Jyeshta natives are bestowed with a sharp intuition in addition to being excellent judges of character.

Because the planetary ruler for Scorpio is Mars, there is an influence of the combined energy of Mercury and Mars to be seen here, which can create a sharp, logical mind, but also a tendency for mental conflicts or intellectual combativeness. The influence of Mars also heightens the warrior-like quality that can be seen in Jyeshta, providing an instinct to fight for the underdog or anyone in a vulnerable position.

Mere hours after the new moon, Mercury will station retrograde in visionary Sagittarius, calling us to reflect on our beliefs and revisit the vision we have for the future. Take some time this new moon to thoroughly assess the goals you are currently working for, and ask yourself what feels most meaningful to you at this moment. Are your goals, your vision, or your beliefs, firmly anchored and aligned with your core values and your inner truth?

The new moon will also be joining combust Mars, currently also transiting his own sign of Scorpio, adding another layer of intensity to the new moon. Mars, as the ruler of the new moon by sign – and subsequently the lord of the new moon – being combust, heightens the fiery influence on the moon and intensifies our emotions. In the highest sense, this is a chance to purify our deepest emotions and our innermost desires, providing the courage to see things as they are and embark on a new course of action.

This new moon will also receive the special aspect of Saturn, casting its stern and uncompromising gaze on the moon, constricting our emotions and intensifying whatever we may experience this new moon. Saturn is the great taskmaster, that reminds us of the dedication and seriousness needed to succeed, which can make us extra aware of the time and energy we spend maintaining the different aspects of our life during this new moon. If there is something draining your energy or a project that you are not feeling dedicated towards anymore, perhaps this is a good time to revise your priorities.

Questions for reflection:

❧ In what situations am I clinging to the illusion of control, or resisting the necessary changes?

❧ Is there something I am avoiding facing? A situation I am reluctant to look at, or a truth I am unwilling to acknowledge?

❧ What situations brings out my insecurities? What aspects of myself do I wish to conceal in shadow?

❧ Is there something I need to surrender (a desire to be right, a desire to remain in control etc), in order to gain acceptance or feel more at peace?

Happy new moon! 🌙

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  1. These times are so intense! My D9 ascendant is in Jyeshta at 27° and I’m currently facing some financial problems without understanding how this could happen. But yes, there are so many things we cannot control… well, every new Moon is a fresh start…

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