full moon in magha february 24 2024

Full Moon in Magha

Full Moon in Magha
Saturday February 24th, 13:31 CET, 11° Leo ♌︎

«Directly aspected by Saturn and Mercury plus receiving the special aspect of Mars and Jupiter»

This full moon will be in Magha, ‘the mighty’, in the sign of Leo, the mighty lion, bringing a regal and magnificent energy to this full moon. Both in name and symbol, this nakshatra, called ‘the star of power’ and symbolized by a palanquin or royal seat, denotes power and a majestic quality.

The planetary ruler for this lunar mansion is Ketu, the south node of the moon, representing past accomplishments and conquered territory. Combined with the energy of the sun, the ruler of Leo, this can create a strong calling of a spiritual purpose, or support qualities such as responsibility and honesty. These qualities are reflected also by the ruling deities in Magha, the Pitris, or divine ancestors of humanity, providing protection and guidance and seeing to the preservation of mystical traditions.

People born with the ascendant or moon in Magha often have a sense of regality about them, almost as if things are just naturally given to them, expecting nothing but the best. Magha can also give rise to very loyal, highly respected people, who takes on large amounts of responsibility in service of others, especially their family.

This will be a quite heavily aspected full moon! It will receive the direct aspects of both Saturn and Mercury, currently transiting Aquarius, reminding us to take care of all the practical details and seeing where we can focus our energy on creating structure and order, perhaps to relieve some anxiety or emotional stress.

It will also receive the special aspect of Mars, the planet of courage and action, providing a fiery determination to anything we undertake this full moon. This can also provide a sense of irritability or impatience, so use the energy consciously and direct it toward your taking action toward your goals. It will also receive the special aspect of Jupiter, planet of faith and wisdom, which could provide us with clues as to where we might find a new sense of hope and purpose. What is our inner fire calling us to do?

Some questions for reflection:

❧ In which areas of my life do I feel supported? Where do I provide support for someone else?

❧ What do my current responsibilities look like? Do I take on too many obligations?

❧ Which things in life am I pursuing that I’m really passionate about? If not, how could I make that happen?

The sun shines no matter who is there to perceive its light 🕯

I wish you a happy full moon!

Many blessings!

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