full moon in pushya january 2024

Full Moon in Pushya January 2024

Full Moon in Pushya
Thursday January 25th, 18:53 CET, 11° Cancer

«Aspected by Mars»

This Full Moon will be in the nakshatra Pushya, ‘nourishment’, in the sign of Cancer. Called ‘the star of nourishment’ this is a nakshatra that cultivates spiritual energy and promotes inward seeking.

Pushya is symbolized by a circle, a flower or a cow’s udder, representing the nourishing, auspicious side of this nakshatra. It’s often referred to as one of the most benevolent nakshatras, even though the challenge with Pushya can be trying in that in order to excel to our highest spiritual potential, we continuously go through an internal purification process. Much like a diamond is created under enormous pressure, Pushya can aid and cultivate spiritual mastery. The flower shows the latent potential we have within, that are striving to bloom into the best version of ourselves and growing into our highest potential.

The ruler of this nakshatra is Saturn, the stern teacher and planet of time and karma, which shows how discipline and determination benefits any project initiated under this asterism. Saturn’s rulership brings the influence of pressure and introspection to this otherwise auspicious nakshatra, that creates the ultimate conditions for spiritual growth. The deity that resides here is Brihaspati, teacher of the gods, a representation of planet Jupiter, that favors devotional practices and the search for spiritual teachings. This full moon is a great time for any sort of meditational or ritual practices.

The sign of Cancer is really a deeply spiritual sign, in that it is a sattvic, Brahmin (priestly) sign that represents the original fourth house, the house of our emotions. In a sense, this is really the sign that shows the level of peace we are feeling, as it relates to the state of our internal waters, and water is the element that carries our emotions. When the water is calm and clear, we see things with a piercing clarity, all the way to the bottom.

The full moon will receive the special aspect of fiery Mars, planet of courage and discipline, so here we get an added sense of urgency or determination that can aid us in our spiritual practices. This full moon provides an auspicious energy for spiritual seeking, pursuits of higher knowledge or tending to the projects we are working on. The symbol of the flower represents inner potentials ready to bloom, and intuitive wisdom can make itself known this full moon.

Some questions for reflection this full moon:

❧ Am I following my higher calling? Do my current goals feel aligned with my vision for the future?
❧ Am I happy with my spiritual practices, or do I need to re-ignite my spiritual fire?
❧ Am I nourishing the ‘right’ things in life, the things that I wish to create more of?
❧ Reflecting on where I am currently on my journey, what is something I could do that would help me bloom into a higher version of myself?

Happy full moon & many blessings!

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