new moon solar eclipse in virgo october 2023

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Chitra October 2023

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Chitra

Saturday October 14th, 19:54 CET, 26° Virgo ♍︎

«Ring of fire eclipse conjunct Mercury»

This new moon in Virgo will be extra powerful, as it brings with it the beginning of this fall’s eclipse season. A new moon takes place whenever the sun and the moon reaches the closest point of conjunction in the sky, but this time the luminaries will also be closely conjunct with the south node, Ketu, resulting in a ring of fire solar eclipse.

Eclipses are twice yearly cosmic events which occur when either a full, or new moon, lines up with the two lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. The nodes are in fact the eclipse points, where the orbit of the moon intersect with the ecliptic. This means that during a new or full moon at these points, the earth, moon and sun become aligned and in the case of a solar eclipse such as this one, the moon will position itself between directly between the earth and the sun, blocking the sun from view in the sky.

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Nodes in astrology – the ‘shadow planets’

This is the reason behind the nodes often being referred to as the ‘shadow planets’; because they are the ones responsible for casting a shadow on the light of the sun and the moon, temporarily encasing them in darkness and creating confusion.

Mythologically, Ketu is symbolized the (headless) body of a demon, who lost its head (signified by Rahu, the north node) when it was beheaded for trying to steel the nectar of life in story of the creation of time. Ketu, represented by the headless body of a snake, indicates that which is unknown; what we cannot see, as it is a body without eyes and therefore blind. Rahu, the head separated from its body on the other hand, pertains more to issues dealing with the mind, our (unclear) thoughts and insatiable desires.

When the eclipses occur on the Ketu side of the nodal axis, this brings up issues from our shadow self, meaning unknown patterns or the subconscious. This often pertains to our emotions and deep, and often concealed, behavioral patterns. In the sign of Virgo, this can surface unresolved issues or patterns pertaining to our work life, our commitments or how we feel about the personal sacrifices we make.

Ketu is the spiritually inclined of the nodes, often said to be the most spiritual influence out of all the planets, and indicates the final liberation and total summary of our experiences. Whenever Ketu is involved, there’s always an element of liberating us from anything hindering our spiritual development or keeping us caught up in the material aspect of life. This is why Ketu is often described as a denying force, keeping us from our worldly desires so that we might seek to fill those needs through spiritual means instead.

This will be the last eclipses taking place on the Aries/Libra axis, although while Ketu will still be on the very last degree of Libra, the conjunction between sun and moon will take place at 26° Virgo. To me, this feels like these eclipses before us will be the closing of a 1,5 year chapter of the Aries/Libra energy and the ushering in of a new beginning as the nodes are set to change signs into Pisces/Virgo in November, providing us a taste of things to come.

Chitra ‘the bright’

The eclipse will be in the nakshatra Chitra, that spans from Virgo into Libra, which shows the progression of discipline and structure in Virgo into structured creativity and devoted relationships with others in Libra. Here, we transform our personal sacrifices into mutually beneficial compromises within our relationships with other people.

Chitra, ‘the bright’, is symbolized by a shining jewel, representing the divine light that exists within each and every one of us. Chitra is often referred to as ‘the star of opportunity’, which is also supported by its ruling deity; Tvashtar, the universal architect, who is said to grant prosperity and fortune in creative pursuits, showing that there is a divine plan operating behind the scenes. Chitra natives are often very detail oriented, and there is also a tendency toward perfectionism with this nakshatra.

Another symbol for this nakshatra is a pearl, a gem hidden inside a tough shell that has to be broken apart in order for the beautiful pearl inside to appear. This represents the crumbling of our outer, or material self, that has to occur in order for us to become aware of the inner truth of who we really are.

The planetary ruler for Chitra is Mars, who provides the strength and direction necessary to follow your inner light. Mars gives us the drive and the courage to pursue this path of self discovery, which can be both painful and distressing at times. As the new moon takes place in the part of Chitra that resides in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, there is an influence of the combined energy of these planets.

With these two influences, we can find a strong desire for seeking new experiences and worldly ambitions, which might be expressed as an inner restlessness if not directed properly. Here, we can find the need for intellectual stimulation as well as the innate curiosity that can be seen here. The combination of Mars and Mercury’s energy creates a strong, logic-driven mind, that seeks to understand the workings behind worldly phenomena, curios yet critical and that can be difficult to persuade.

More about the eclipse

The solar eclipse brings the first glance of the shift that is about to happen when the nodes changes signs from the Aries/Libra axis to the Pisces-Virgo axis, as the Sun is in Virgo at the time of the eclipse, but Ketu is still on the last degrees of Libra. The eclipse in Virgo will set the theme for the nodes transit through these signs (Pisces/Virgo) during the coming 18 months. This is an excellent time to look back on the past 1,5 year and take a look at what has passed during this time. Where were you on your personal journey back then and what has happened since? This eclipse can surface issues concerning where, and on what, you put most effort in your life. What area takes most work, and, are you willing to put in the level of work necessary? This transit can show where we’re less than willing to do the hard work and what area of life we struggle to be of service. The eclipses come in six-month-cycles, providing a chance to integrate any insights surfaced until the next cycle of eclipses begins in the spring.

Eclipse shadow path


Meaning of the new moon and solar eclipse for each sign!

This is especially true for you Aries, as this takes place in your sixth house of effort, routines and health. The eclipse can be a call for you to look over your daily routines, your necessary chores and how you take care of your health in the best way possible. It might be ‘easier’ to lean into the Piscean energy of just letting it all go as Rahu brings its focus here beginning in November, but try to focus your energy on sticking with your daily routines (especially spiritual practices) and keeping organized. You might also get some insight to how you can improve your daily practices or your health during this transit.


For you this takes place in your fifth house of creativity and children. This could bring into light what it is that really inspires you, or more precise, what no longer inspires you and have instead become routine and is perhaps time to let go of. This could also be a time where new inspirations make themselves known and where you re-evaluate what you’re passionate about. This could also mean a temporarily loss of interest in your creative projects and what you’re usually passionate about in favor of wanting to get out and focus on your social life and your bigger dreams instead, due to this challenging energy in your fifth house. This could also bring up issues with your children if you have them, especially if you’ve needed to put more effort than usual into those relationships.


For you this takes place in your fourth house of emotions, home and mother. This could surface instances where you feel blocked, uninspired or where your home life has perhaps taken too much time away from your interests and you feel the need for more balance. This could be a challenging time emotionally, as this takes place in your fourth house of emotional peace and could surface old emotions that need integrating or bring a disruptive energy to your home life or relationships with your family. You might feel a pull towards escaping into your work to other pastimes during this time, as a way to ‘escape’ dealing with negative or challenging emotions, but try to remain centered and just observe what is happening within instead.


For you this takes place in your third house of (self-)will, interests and close communities, so for you this can surface issues related to these things. The eclipse could show you any instance where you’ve lost interest in projects you’ve previously been involved in, or bring changes in your interests or spark an interest for a new subject. As Rahu changes signs into Pisces, these changes can manifest as a growing interest in a new teaching, or finding a new teacher, as this can bring changes to your beliefs or higher philosophies. This can be a time of new creative inspiration or new ideas rising.


For Leo, this takes place in your second house of values, family and assets, so for you this can bring up issues related to those things. The eclipse can bring into focus ideas or patterns that you may have around money or how you maintain your assets. This could also be a time when you are letting go of old, outdated values that no longer feel aligned with the way you presently view the world. Focus on your emotional wellbeing at this time and creating stability.


For you the eclipse takes place in your first house of your self, your body and vitality. This can be a time when you become a bit more selective with what you take in, whether that be the food you eat, or the energy you chose to surround yourself with. You might become a bit more selective with surrounding yourself with certain people, or become more discerning regarding the daily routines that you perform to replenish your energy. This could be a great time to take extra care of your health, or to sort out all the things that are not supporting your overall wellbeing. As Rahu moves into Pisces in November, you might feel more pulled towards seeking stimulating relationships and focusing on building your close relationships or partnerships.


For you this takes place in your twelfth house of sleep, dreams and losses. This can be a time where you experience changes in your sleeping patterns or a time when your dream life becomes more active. You might also experience a time when your intuition becomes more active, or becoming more ‘intuitively selective’ or begin receiving intuitive wisdom about things. This can be a time where you benefit from taking some time for yourself, or meditating in solitude. The eclipse might also surface deep rooted patterns, or past emotions surfacing in order to be healed and released, so this can be a time of great healing for you, both physically or emotionally. As the nodes changes signs in November, you might become more focused on health, healing and creating new, beneficial routines for yourself.


For you this takes place in your eleventh house of goals, gains and social circles, so for you this can surface issues related to those things. Here you might experience becoming more selective with what social circles you move in, or more selective in what goal or vision you want to pursue. Anything that feels excessive or out of alignment might naturally begin to fall away at this time. When Rahu moves into Pisces in November, you might also become more passionate about following your inner desires, what you long for in your heart to manifest.


For Sagittarius, this takes place in your tenth house of career and authority. This eclipse might surface feelings of dissatisfaction within your work or career, make you more critical of your work performance or surface feelings of unease or disquiet if you’ve been secretly longing for a change. It might also highlight any imbalance between your work life and your home life, and if you need to make any changes in your priorities. When Rahu moves into Pisces in November, the focus can tilt slightly toward spending more time at home or with your family, or making changes in the home, whether that be redecorating or touching up your home and making a more harmonious home environment.


For you the eclipse takes place in your ninth house of teachings, beliefs and higher learning, so for you this can bring up issues related to those things. This can be a time when you become a bit more selective about what kind of knowledge you seek, or when you experience a change in the kind of teachings that you follow. Suddenly you might leave some beliefs behind, in order to pursue something closer to your heart and your current views. If something no longer feels aligned, this can be a time of making changes.


For you the eclipse takes place in your eighth house of deep emotions, insecurities and transformation. This eclipse might surface deep emotions, or past wounds, ready to be healed and released. Now can be a time where old insecurities rise to the surface, or when you feel strong aversions to certain people, situations or places, that makes you feel insecure or uneasy. Be mindful of your emotions, register what you feel, but sort out anything that doesn’t belong to you, as you might be more sensitive at this time. This could be a time of developing your intuition, or making peace with the deeper parts of yourself. Any old patterns, emotions or values, that no longer feel aligned can start to be released at this time.


For you this takes place in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships, so for you this can surface issues related to those things. This eclipse can put the focus on the balance in your relationships, and might surface any instance when you feel like the balance between your wants and desires, and those of your partner is out of alignment. This can illuminate situations where you might feel like you’ve compromised too much, or any instances where you feel like you’ve been giving away your power. The eclipse might also surface if there are situations where you have been unwilling to make compromises, and can be a time of seeking reconciliation.

Questions for reflection

❧ Is there some issues I need to tend to or resolve, in order for me to be able to begin a new chapter?

❧ What area takes most work, and, are you willing to put in the level of work necessary?

❧ Am I harboring feelings of dissatisfaction or bitterness about the work required, or the efforts needed to make some aspect of my work or my day-to-day life run smoothly? Or am I thankful, able to view these tasks as opportunities for doing service, perhaps for someone other than myself?

❧ Am I maintaining a sustainable balance between my work and home life? Am I spending more energy than I can replenish?

❧ Am I at peace with my commitments? Are they fulfilling, worthwhile and leading to my continuous improvement?

❧ Am I taking proper care of my physical well-being? Am I maintaining strengthening and vitalizing routines or do I need to take better care of my energy?

I wish you all a magical eclipse and a blessed new moon! 🌒

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