full moon & lunar eclipse in aries october 2023

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Ashwini October 28th 2023

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Ashwini

Saturday October 28th, 22:22 CET, 10° Aries

«A chapter draws to a close, a new beginning on the horizon»

This full moon will be the second, and final, event of this eclipse season, following the solar eclipse we had in Virgo two weeks past. Because these will be the last eclipses before the nodes changes signs, this lunar eclipse could be describes as a summary and grand finale of this chapter that we’ve been operating under for the past 18 months. The upcoming lunar eclipse is the revealing and complementary event to the solar eclipse.

The fact that the lunar eclipse follows the solar eclipse seems to me like the most natural order, where we are now given the opportunity to really process and get in tune with our feelings and responses to the, potentially disruptive, events of the solar eclipse. Now’s the time when things begin to settle internally, when we begin the process of emotionally integrating the path we’re on, or the insights that the solar eclipse might have surfaced. What is really going on? What are you really feeling about the situation or the decision before you?

What the partial lunar eclipse looks like
Ashwini ‘the horse tamer’

This full moon and lunar eclipse will be in the nakshatra Ashwini, the very first nakshatra of the zodiac in the sign of Aries. The moon will reach peak fullness at 10° Aries, quite close to Rahu, the north node, that currently sits at 0° Aries (0°43’), resulting in a partial lunar eclipse. Ashwini, the horse tamer, is symbolized by a horses’ head and is often also called ‘the star of transport’. This is a highly spirited, active and dynamic nakshatra, fulled by fire and the pursuit of our own, individual path.

Under Ashwini’s influence, the soul seeks new adventures and desires to leave its own mark on the world. Ashwini’s symbol, the horse’s head, shows a desire to freely explore the soul’s calling and express its individuality. Another meaning that can be found within this symbol is, just as the translation ‘horse tamer’ implies, that of managing to control our (unruly) desires in order to direct the creative energy toward a specific goal.

The deities that resides here are the Ashwin Kumaras, ‘the horse twins’ and physicians of the gods, that bring healing and enlightenment to those who seek their aid. Ashwini is closely linked with the dawning of a new day and the Ashwin kumaras, the offspring of Surya, bring enlightenment to the people through their healing powers. This is also why they are often associated with the practice of ayurvedic medicine.

The planetary ruler for Ashwini is Ketu, the south node, and as it’s located within Mars’ sign of Aries, there’s a combination of Ketu-Mars energy operating here. Ketu is a negating influence, pushing us closer toward our spirituality by denying worldly satisfaction, honing in on what’s truly important. Mars represents the energy of the warrior, showing an ability to courageously charge forward or protect those in need. These two influences together leads my mind to a spiritual warrior, operating with a sense of duty and righteousness.

Visibility map of the partial lunar eclipse
How to work with the energy of the eclipse

The time of the eclipse is not the time to make rash decisions or make any big changes, but you might begin to feel more clear on your emotions and your attitudes towards things at this time. Take note of what you are feeling and observe your thoughts, but let things settle before acting on your impulses.

Because this will be the closing of the node’s 18 months Aries/Libra transit, take some time to reflect on the past 1,5 years and what has been occurring in your life during this time. What events have formed your life or changes your path during these years? Where are you now on your journey? What road blocks or crossroads lies before you now? What decisions have to be made? What are you ready to leave in the past so that you are able to move forward with purpose and new energy?

Influenced by Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

The lunar eclipse will also be influenced by Mars and Mercury, currently transiting the sign of Libra with the sun, and retrograde Jupiter that is in the sign of Aries at the time. The influence on Mars can leave us closer to anger, or give rise to feelings of impatience or restlessness, while Mercury’s association with the eclipse can lead to issues with our communication. Here, we might experience difficulties expressing ourselves clearly, or increase the risk of misunderstandings or miscommunications. Jupiter calls us to revise our path, to asses our goals, our visions, or our beliefs, in order to pull us closer to the truth of our inner voice. Take some time this eclipse to listen inward, seek the whispers of your inner truth and honor where your intuition is guiding you.

Questions for reflection

❧ Which new chapter am I ready to begin in my life?

❧ What am I longing to manifest, to make a part of my life?

❧ Am I experiencing a change in my desires?

❧ Is there something blocking my path forward, some obstacle or issue that needs resolving before I can move on with something new?

❧ What can I do to help myself step into my full potential?

Readings for each of the 12 signs!

For you Aries, this happens in your first house of self and individuality. You may experience a new direction, new goals, new ambitions, a new direction or changes in relationships, perhaps there’s been a shift in the balance in your relationships or you’ve been feeling unwilling to compromise at this time. Be clear with your emotions, and your intentions. Instances where you’ve surpassed or not listened to your inner self might surface at this time, and you might feel drawn to make certain changes to address this. Be mindful of big changes and impulsive decisions around the eclipse, let things settle a bit before you take action.


For you this takes place in your twelfth house of sleep, dreams and losses, with the sun in your sixth house of health and routines. Be mindful of your health, don’t strain yourself or make sudden changes at this time, take care to replenish your energy. The full moon eclipse can surface past emotions or deep patterns that are ready to be released. It might also surface hidden emotions about your commitments and the sacrifices you make and how they make you feel. Do they feel worthwhile and meaningful, or do you wish to make changes to your commitments?


For you this takes place in your eleventh house of goals, gains and social circles. The solar eclipse happened in your fifth house of passion, creativity and children. Here, you may experience changes in your friendships, you might begin to see someone in a new light, or suddenly feel drawn to change your social circles, or seek new acquaintances. The lunar eclipse can surface hidden desires or emotions pertaining to your creativity and passion, so this could be dealing with romantic relationships too. Take some time to reflect on how these areas feel to you, examine your expectations as well, and see how they align. Is there something you wish to be doing, or wish to manifest, that you have not yet realized?


For you this takes place in your tenth house of career and authority. You might be feeling restless, or a little bit uneasy at this time. Things might become clear pertaining to your work, you might become more clear on what your goals are and what you are facing in your current work situation. If you’ve been felling dissatisfied or discontent with your work, this might surface at this time. You might also become more aware of any imbalance between your work and home life, and if you wish to make any adjustments to increase the level of harmony in your life.


For you this takes place in your ninth house of beliefs, philosophy and higher teachings, with the sun in your third house of communication. You may experience issues with your communication, or difficulties conveying clearly what you wish to express, and there’s an added risk of misunderstandings or miscommunications at this time so be mindful of how you express yourself. You may experience changes in your hopes, philosophies or teachings, perhaps you may become more clear on what you’re drawn to study, or which teachings to follow. If you’ve been feeling discontent or disillusioned by your teachers, or your higher visions or beliefs have begun to change, this can rise to the surface now.


For you this takes place in your eighth house of deep emotions, insecurities and transformation. You might struggle with becoming clear on which way you wish to pursue, or there could be changes in your personal values happening now. Perhaps you are feeling ready to let things from the past go, certain emotional patterns or old fears that might’ve been holding you back are now ready to be released. Be mindful of your emotions, take note of what you feel, but be sure to release anything that doesn’t belong to you, as you may feel more sensitive at this time. You may feel your intuition becoming stronger now.


For you this takes place in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. Take some time for yourself, seek out moments of peace and quiet. You might become more clear on your feelings about your relationships during this time, or hidden emotions about your relationships might be surfacing that needs your attention. If you’ve been feeling like the balance between you and your partner has been off, or that you compromise too much with your needs or desires, this can rise to the surface now. The lunar eclipse can also surface instances where you might have been giving away too much of your power, or put your goals on hold for the sake of your partner. Take note of what surfaces and see where you can create more alignment.


For you this takes place in your sixth house of effort, routines and health. The eclipse can be a call for you to look over your health routines and see if there are needs for adjustments. You might feel more clear on changes you wish to make regarding your health, or feel more motivated to lay down positive routines and changes now. You might also become more clear on your feelings towards work matters, especially when it comes to routine tasks or sacrifices that you make for either your carrier or perhaps even your family. How do you feel about your commitments? Do they feel worthwhile and meaningful? With the south node in your twelfth house of sleep and dreams, you might feel a bit restless at this time, or have trouble sleeping, so be gentle with yourself and replenish your energy any way you can. This can also be a time to release emotions or patterns from the past, that don’t serve you in the present. Gently release what was and focus on being fully present in the now.


For you this takes place in your fifth house of creativity, passion and children. This could bring new beginnings within your creative projects or your passion projects. This can be a time when you’re experiencing some uncertainty within your work, perhaps you’ve been striving to accomplish more than you realistically can manage and begin to feel the need to make adjustments in your priorities. What is it that you really wish to pursue? Which goals feel most meaningful to you? Take some time to reflect now, but refrain from making any big decision at the time of the eclipse. The eclipse might also surface deeper emotions or hidden desires that call for your attention. If you’ve been disregarding or pushing down your inner longing, this could rise to the surface now.


For you this takes place in your fourth house of home, emotions and mother. You might be feeling your work-home balance is becoming more in focus, or if there are changes you wish to make to create more harmony between these areas. You might also begin to feel more clear on your golas or aspirations within your work, or if there are adjustments you want to make. This can be a time when you begin to feel more clear about your emotional state, how you feel about your home life, what goals you aspire to, which direction you feel is right in your heart. If you feel restless or uneasy, remember that the eclipse can be a challenging time for you, as it occurs in the house of your emotions, and could also bring old emotions or memories from the past to the surface. Observe what you are feeling and try to reamin present.


For you this takes place in your third house of interest, communication and close community. You might begin to feel more clear about which path to follow, which interests are captivating your spirit or which teachings you wish to follow. It might also surface your true feelings about your desires and interest or if you’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on a project that suddenly doesn’t feel rewarding anymore, or if you feel disillusioned by your teachers, this could rise to the surface now. You might also experience difficulties with your communication at this time, and there might be an added risk of misunderstandings or miscommunications, so be mindful of this and perhaps avoid getting into any serious arguments or discussions at this time.


For you this takes place in your second house of values, family and assets. You might feel ready to make peace with things from the past now, or letting things from the past go. You may also become more clear on you values at this time, which values are truly yours, and which to let go and leave behind. It could also bring into focus your beliefs or patterns that you may hold about money or how you maintain your assets, and letting go of old ideas that no longer serve you. Old emotions, memories or insecurities can also surface now, and it might be an emotionally intense time for you. Focus on creating harmony and maintaining stability at this time.


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