planetary transits for november 2023

Planetary transits for November 2023

Planetary transits for November 2023

❧ Venus in Virgo Nov 3
❧ Saturn direct Nov 4
❧ Mercury in Scorpio Nov 6
❧ New moon in Libra Nov 13
❧ Mars in Scorpio Nov 16
❧ Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mars Nov 17
❧ Mercury in Sagittarius Nov 27
❧ Full moon in Taurus Nov 27
❧ Rahu/Ketu changes signs Nov 28
❧ Venus in Libra Nov 29

Last month was the harbinger of endings nearing and whispers of changes to come, as we were confronted with the intensity of the eclipse season and the ensuing end of a cycle. November is the month when the nodes finally changes signs, leading to potentially pivotal events and major changes for all of us as a new cycle begins.

Venus in Virgo November 3rd – 29th

Venus will move into Virgo on November 3rd, where it will stay for almost the entire month. Virgo is Venus’s sign of debilitation, meaning; the sign where its natural qualities disharmonizes with the qualities of the sign it’s in. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and, through its highest expression, the planet of devotion; that looks for the beauty in everything and everyone. Virgo, on the other hand, deals with practical matters and identifying details and irregularities in everything around us. This can cause Venus to become overly critical and fault-finding, or lead to increased tendencies to measure things to perfectionistic ideals.

On the plus side, this can be a good time for finding creative solutions to problems, as Virgo is a sign that is both practical and skillful. In this manner, Venus here can promote finding creative solutions to mundane tasks or coming up with new ideas for projects that we’ve been working on, as well as providing us with a new zeal for work.

Saturn stations direct November 4th

After an almost five month long retrograde transit, Saturn is now stationing direct again on November 4th, at 6° of Aquarius. During Saturn’s retrograde, we were provided with an opportunity to revise our commitments and assess the manner in which we spend both our time as well as our energy, called to focus on the core matters and evaluate how we are being of service; for our families, our friends, and our communities. As Saturn yet again gains momentum, now comes the time to charge ahead, move forward with our revised plans and commitments or look for new opportunities to be of service. Now’s the time to look to future endeavors, with new initiative and determination.

Mars combust in Scorpio November 16th

Mars moves into Scorpio on November 16th, almost immediately followed by the sun’s transit into Scorpio on November 17th, leading up to an exact conjunction between these fiery forces on November 18th. This brings Mars’s state of combustion that has been going on during the past month to its peak, giving rise to heated emotions and potentially leaving us quicker to anger or losing our temper. This transit becomes extra powerful due to the fact that it will take place in Mars’s own sign of Scorpio, where he becomes more powerful. Focus on doing things that strengthen your discipline, patience and determination at this time. Try to channel the energy into constructive outlets, and perhaps refrain from argumentation or heated discussions at this time.

Rahu & Ketu changes signs November 28th

This is the biggest event of this month! The much anticipated transit of the nodes changing signs, causing changes in direction and focus for all of us, as a collective. The lunar nodes changes signs every 1,5 years, so this means the end of the cycle that we’ve been in during the past 18 months. Generally speaking, this changes the focus (of Rahu) from following our personal desires and individual expression in Aries, to spiritual development and emotional awareness in Pisces.

This transit can show where we’re less than willing to do the hard work and what area of life we’re dissatisfied with doing service. With Rahu moving into Pisces, this shift can also bring an inclination toward escapism, so keep that in mind and try to confront issues head-on rather than resort to wishful thinking or daydreaming.

⟢ Separate post on the nodal shift here! ⟣

Venus in Libra November 29th

Venus move out of its debilitation on November 29th, when it transits into its own sign of Libra. This is a relief for Venus in a double sense, as it not only leaves its sign of debilitation, but also moves into its sign of strength. Here, Venus’s natural qualities of compromise, appreciation and sociability are right in their element. This can be a great time for making new connections, social networking or building business partnerships.

Sorry about the lateness of this update everyone! I have been under the weather with the first cold of the season, and it’s been a hard one to shake! Now it’s finally started to clear, so everything’s going back to normal. Thank you kindly for all your well-wishes!

All the best wishes for November!

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