new moon in vishaka november 13th 2023

New moon in Vishakha November 13th 2023

New moon in Vishakha

Monday, November 13th, 10:26 CET, 26° Libra ♎︎

Conjunct mars, aspected by retrograde Jupiter

This new moon will be in the nakshatra Vishaka, that spans from Libra and into Scorpio. Vishaka is where the active and intellectual energy of Libra meets the sensitive and transformational energy of Scorpio, showing where our quest for accomplishment eventually turns into a search for meaning. Vishakha, or ‘the branched one’ is also referred to as the ‘star of purpose’ and indicates the stage of the soul’s journey where the search for material or social accomplishments in Libra eventually reaches a necessary point of transformation in Scorpio, where the realization that everything is temporary and beyond our control takes place.

This also pertains in a large sense to our relationships, when the realization hits that the actions of our partner remains beyond our control, we suddenly become aware of our own vulnerability. The transformation between these two signs also deals a lot with the insight that lasting happiness or fulfillment seldom comes from our relationships, but rather from within (when we find the inner connection to the divine).

Vishaka is often depicted as a branched tree, but yet another symbol is an archway, through which our initiated ideas take form and are completed within Scorpio. The archway is also a symbol for creating a union between two parties, such as a marriage union, and symbolizes the entry into the next plane, or triumphantly coming out of the struggles in life. Another symbol linked with this nakshatra is a potter’s wheel, which shows the dedication and effort that, when applied patiently and continuously, result in final victory, and that we possess the ability to form our reality.

The ability to transcend life’s obstacles is also shown by the fact that Vishaka is called the star of purpose, as it has the ability to grant us the endurance and determination needed to follow through with the undertakings or projects we initiate. Even the planetary ruler, Jupiter, provides much support through its qualities of hope and inspiration that flourishes new ventures.

The deities linked to Vishaka are Indra and Agni, the gods of lightning and fire. Indra is the god of gods, who eventually fell from grace due to pride, showing the need to remain humble and keep our self-will in check with this nakshatra. Agni, the god of fire, shows the ability to powerfully manifest and attain goals that can be found here. Both Indra and Agni shows the presence of abounding transformational energy, which is both powerful and difficult to control.

Jupiter & Venus as the planetary rulers

The planetary ruler for Vishaka is Jupiter, providing a search for meaning and purpose and much wisdom to be found in this nakshatra. Because the new moon will be in the part of Vishaka that falls in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, there will be an influence of Jupiter and Venus’s energy combined, showing where the self is still caught up in the search of worldly happiness and has not yet surrendered the individual desires and become ready to look within.

Venus operates through our senses and creates a desire for physical experiences, which in the instance of spiritual development means a desire to experience the divine through our worldly senses, but this can also create a tendency for operating out of material desires alone, rather than spiritual ones. Here, we are greatly assisted by leaning into the wisdom and stability of Jupiter, anchoring our spirituality in the resolute and lasting principles that Jupiter provides.

The new moon will also be closely conjunct (only 2° apart!) with Mars, currently enduring a long journey of combustion, as it transits within close proximity to the sun. Be mindful of your emotions and do things that help you stay at peace, as Mars can fire up our temper this new moon. Jupiter casting its direct aspect on the new moon calls us to stay grounded, take some time for yourself, reflect and go inward. If you feel like you are standing before a crossroads, take some time this new moon to make sure your intention and your vision are clear, so that you can begin a new cycle in harmony and alignment.

Questions for reflection:

Do I have a clear vision for the future I wish to create? Am I set on which goals I’m working toward? Do my goals feel meaningful and worthwhile?

What feels most important to me at this time?

What am I ready to leave in the past as I move through the archway to the future?

What fears, or insecurities stand in the way of me becoming the most authentic and successful version of myself?

Am I embracing the changes to come, or do I resist the unknown?

“Enlightenment means to gaze on all darkness with undimmed eyes.” — Nikos Kazantzakis

New moon blessings!

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