Planetary transits for April 2023

Planetary transits for April 2023

❧Jupiter combust Apr 1-27
❧ Full Moon in Virgo April 6
❧ Mercury conjunct Rahu in Aries Apr 6
❧ Venus in Taurus Apr 6
❧ Jupiter conjunct Sun in Pisces Apr 12
❧ Sun in Aries Apr 14
❧ New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries Apr 20
❧ Mercury retrograde in Aries Apr 21
❧ Jupiter in Aries Apr 22
❧ Sun conjunct Rahu in Aries Apr 24

Planetary transits for April 2023 – A month of personal development and transformation

Last month was brought in by an intense cluster of conjunctions and lots of transformational energy. This month we will see the continuing shift from the ethereal Piscean energy into a more active, fiery energy as more of the planets move into Aries, bringing with them a sense of budding ideas and what feels like a new beginning.

Besides the active, ambitious energy of Aries’ influence, this month’s new moon will also usher in the beginning of the first eclipse season of the year, bringing out subconscious beliefs we may hold about ourselves, our path and our innermost longings through the influence of the Sun in Aries.

This month could bring new possibilities for re-writing our story, and to change the way we express ourselves, so that we become more in line with our inner truth.

Jupiter combust while crossing the Pisces/Aries gandanta point

Jupiter will be going through some intense transits this month, both by its imminent combustion by the Sun and also through its transit over the Gandanta point between Pisces and Aries, disrupting our spiritual groundings. Gandanta (karmic knot) is the crossing point between any water and fire sign, where there is no overlapping nakshatra bridging the gap, making these crossings somewhat harsher than between any other signs.

Jupiter will be combust through almost the entire month, when it transits within close proximity to the Sun’s harsh rays, burning away at any impurities and refining our spiritual expression. I usually like to compare the phenomena of combustion with a form of purification, allowing the planet in question a chance to reset to its original expression, while their energy is filtered through the dharmic light of the Sun.

In the case of Jupiter and the Sun, they are both our main forces of dharma, where our spiritual practices and teachings (Jupiter) will be filtered through the truest expression of our soul (Sun) aligning our teachings with our dharmic path. This could also be a good opportunity for reflecting on your hopes and dreams and the larger vision for your future. What is your soul calling you to do?

Mercury conjunct Rahu in Aries

Mercury moved into Aries right before we entered the month of April, bringing a shift in our communications and how we express ourselves. Mercury’s journey through Aries will bring the focus onto the personal beliefs that drive our actions, and the story we tell ourselves about our lives, our path, or the personal traits that we define ourselves by. Mercury in Aries can either re-affirm or re-evaluate the story we tell ourselves about why we are who we are, or why we act the way we do, so here the question is; what beliefs are we willing to re-examine or let go of?

This theme will be amplified even more as Mercury moves closer to Rahu, which could potentially also bring out beliefs we carry about ourselves from our subconscious and surface old ideas, or outdated (harmful) patterns and behaviors that we may well benefit greatly from letting go off.

This conjunction could also bring on an influx of ideas and inspirations that might make us want to suddenly change paths or take us in a new direction, but as always when it comes to the influence of Rahu, it might be best to be aware of making any sudden changes, as Rahu is a graha of illusion and bewilderment.

Venus in Taurus

It’s home sweet home for Venus this month as it moves into its own sign of Taurus on April 6th. This happens right as the Moon reaches its peak fullness in another earth sign of Virgo, making for a sweet, bountiful (but slightly materialistic) Full Moon. Venus in Taurus calls us to enjoy the little things in life, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Venus tends to become more stable and content within Taurus, potentially even a bit too much so, where a tendency for over-indulgence and getting too caught up in materialistic pursuits can be found.

Sun in Aries

The Sun moves into Aries on April 14th, bringing with it a real sense of spring arriving (at least here in the northern hemisphere where I’m at), ushering in a sense of new beginnings and budding ideas.

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Mercury retrograde in Aries

This year Mercury will go through all its retrograde cycles within the fire signs, this one taking place in the sign of Aries, prolonging its stay within the sign. Mercury’s retrograde cycles offer opportunities to take pause, reflect and re-evaluate what we are currently dealing with and re-align our intentions and goals. Under the influence of Aries, this retrograde cycle highlights our individual expression and how we enact our personal ideas and beliefs.

Aries is a sign of forging our own path, of following our own head and going with what inspires and motivates us, so this retrograde cycle is a great time to reflect on these types of questions and see where you land on all of those tings. These are the questions that I wrote down in prospect of this Mercury retrograde cycle:

What is the main driving force in your life? Am I happy with the path that I’m on, or do I feel the need to change course? What beliefs do I hold about myself, or my abilities? Are they constructive and aiding me in my pursuits? Or would I benefit from changing the story I tell about myself into a more positive one?

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter will move into Aries on April 22nd, adding to the theme of looking to our personal beliefs and ideas that are already prominent this month. Jupiter in Aries can make us a bit fired up about our core beliefs and reinforce those ideas that we already operate through. Jupiter in Aries can be quite stubborn, wanting to convince others of our opinions and impose our ideas on other people.

This is a great time to start practicing your teachings, to make them your own and incorporate them in your practices. Jupiter here can inspire us to transform ideas or philosophies that we adhere to or have been taught, into our own way of practicing, seeking to align them more with our own expression and personal beliefs.

Final words

This month brings great opportunities for transforming our personal ideas and rewriting our story, bringing in fresh possibilities for new beginnings. Forging your own path can be both adventurous and exhilarating, but if you’ve been feeling the call to start a new path, this month may be just the time for it. As my final words for this month’s update, I’ll say look towards what inspires you, hold on to your vision and find the joy in sharing your unique expression!

I wish you an inspired month of April!

Many blessings!

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