full moon and lunar eclipse in vishakha libra may 2023

Full Moon Eclipse in Vishakha, Libra ♎︎ For all 12 signs!

Full Moon Eclipse in Vishakha for all 12 signs!

Full Moon Eclipse in Vishakha, Friday May 5, 19:33 CET, 20° Libra ♎︎

Vishakha ‘the brached one’

This Full Moon will be taking place in Vishakha nakshatra in the sign of Libra. Vishakha is the nakshatra that creates the bridge between Libra and Scorpio, showing both great powers of accomplishment and the following search for meaning. Vishakha, or ‘the branched one’ is also referred to as the ‘star of purpose’ and indicates the stage of the soul’s journey where the search for material or social accomplishments in Libra eventually reaches a necessary point of transformation in Scorpio, where the realization that everything is temporary and beyond the individual’s control occurs.

This also pertains in a large sense to our relationships, when the realization hits that the actions of our partner remains beyond our control, we suddenly become aware of our own vulnerability. The transformation between these two signs also deals a lot with the insight that lasting happiness or fulfillment seldom comes from our relationships, but rather from within (when we find the inner connection to the divine).

Vishakha is symbolized by an archway or a potter’s wheel, symbolizing the entry into the next plane, or triumphantly coming out of the struggles in life. The potter’s wheel shows the dedication and effort that, when applied patiently and continuously, result in final victory, and that we possess the ability to form our reality.

There are two deities linked to Vishakha nakshatra, Indra and Agni, lightning and fire. Indra is the god of gods, who eventually fell from grace due to pride, showing the need to remain humble and keep our self-will in check with this nakshatra. Agni, the god of fire, shows the ability to powerfully manifest and attain goals that can be found here. Both Indra and Agni shows the presence of abounding transformational energy, which is both powerful and difficult to control.

Influenced by Jupiter & Venus

The planetary ruler for Vishakha is Jupiter, providing a search for wisdom, meaning and purpose with this nakshatra. Because the Full Moon will be in the part of this nakshatra that falls in Venus’ sign of Libra, there will be an influence of the combined Jupiter and Venus energy, where the self is still caught up in the search of worldly happiness and has not yet surrendered the individual desires and become ready to look within.

Venus operates through the senses and creates a desire for physical experiences, which in the instance of spiritual development means a desire to experience the divine through our worldly senses, but this can also create a tendency for operating out of material desires alone, rather than spiritual ones.

A closer look at the lunar eclipse

This Full Moon Eclipse in Vishakha brings the second and final event of this spring’s eclipse season, which was ushered in by the Solar Eclipse we had in Aries last month. Following the solar eclipse, this Full Moon provides us a much needed chance for our emotions to catch up to the intense and perhaps transformational realizations brought in by the Solar Eclipse. Now’s our chance to process, integrate and let everything sink in, so that we can start to see where WE land in the face of these intense past few weeks.

The Lunar Eclipse can in this manner start to bring into light our true emotions and attitudes toward the theme of this Aries/Libra eclipse axis, which, in a general sense pertains to our individuality versus our relationships. Are we sacrificing too much of our individual wants or needs in order to satisfy our partner or for the sake of keeping the relationship peace? Are we able to communicate our inner longings to our partner, or are we having trouble communicating freely and honestly?

In the branched Vishakha, this Lunar Eclipse can also lead to a feeling of standing at a cross roads, unsure about which way to proceed. There is a natural tendency toward indecision under the Libra influence, but this can get heightened further due to the fact that this Lunar Eclipse will also be directly aspected by retrograde Mercury, showing the need to take pause and let our inner processes catch up and of evaluating and reflecting before we can make sense of our feelings.

This could potentially also create tendencies for over-thinking and extensively weighing every pro and con in our minds, rather than trusting our intuition or what we know in our hearts. Yet, Mercury retrograde also reminds us to take it easy, and that there is no need to rush. Let things take their time and rest in the knowing that things will unfold in their own time. The eclipses operate on six-month cycles, so whatever may have surfaced for us during these eclipses will continue to come into effect until the next cycle of eclipses start in October.

Some questions for reflection:

❧ Am I ready to stand in my own true power, unafraid of what other people might think?
❧ Have I been compromising too much of my own desires in order to keep the peace in my relationships?
❧ How can I support myself in pursuing my true passion?
❧ How can I create more balance between following my own path while creating harmonious relationships?

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Full Moon Eclipse in Vishakha interpretations for each sign:


For you Aries, this happens in your seventh house of relationships, where Moon sits with Ketu. This can bring to light any instance where you feel unwilling to compromise, or where you feel like you maybe have been compromising too much and just want to focus on your own needs or interests. If you are in a relationship, this can be a chance to get in touch with your true feelings.

You may feel like you are standing at a cross roads, unsure about which way to choose, moving forward, but the Lunar Eclipse may surface your true feelings or attitudes toward it, making the realizations about which path to choose start to become more clear for you going forward.


For Taurus, this happens in your sixth house of health, effort and routines. Here you might have been struggling lately with trying to implement different routines or felt a need to take better care of your health or your energy, or perhaps the eclipse might surface any instance where you’ve been over-stepping your own boundaries or neglected to take proper care of yourself. The eclipses can usher in a new cycle for you here, where you are more careful about your daily routines and your health going forward, or taking extra care of your energy and making sure to rest.

This might have been an emotionally intense time for you, but could also offer a chance to heal and transform old wounds, or old emotions which may have been surfaced for you now. Take note of your dreams, as your dream life might be more active during this time.


For Gemini, this happens in your fifth house of creativity, children and passion. Here you may have become aware of any instances where you have neglected your own enjoyment and creativity, or if you have children, any instance where you feel you haven’t had enough time to focus on your relationships with them.

There can also be an influence of transformation and change entering your social circles now, with Rahu and the Sun in your eleventh house of friendships, perhaps you may experience a change in which friendships you want to maintain, or perhaps of entering new friendships moving forward as well. You might also experience a change in your desires, or what you wish to accomplish start to come into light at this time.


For Cancer, this happens in your fourth house of emotions and home, so this eclipse can really surface any instance where you feel you might have neglected your own emotional wellbeing here. This eclipse cycle could also put the focus on your work/home life balance with Sun and Rahu in your tenth house of career, and could surface any instance where you feel like you need to adjust where you spend your energy.

If you experienced a sudden desire to make radical changes regarding you home or your job during the Solar Eclipse, your emotional attitudes toward any such thoughts might arise now. Make some time for just yourself, and let your emotions settle during this time, so that your intuition can guide you to the best way forward.


For Leo, this happens in your third house of information, interests and communication, with Rahu and Sun in your ninth house of teachings and faith. If the Solar Eclipse surfaced any desires to change, or adjust, the teachings or the spiritual path that you follow, this Lunar Eclipse can bring your emotional attitude toward your path into light. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you are standing before a change in your path, but not yet been sure of which way to choose going forward. Your emotions before this decision could start to become more clear after this eclipse, where you intuitively will know what to do.

There could also be entirely new teachings or new interests coming into light for you moving forward. You might also be in the process of re-evaluating where you spend your energy, and letting go of anything where you feel like you’ve lost interest. You might also become more selective with what information you seek, or which sources you trust.


For Virgo, this takes place in your second house of values and money. The Solar Eclipse in Aries might have been an emotionally intense time for you, where emotions of the past or deep patterns were surfaced for you. This could be a time of coming to terms with or letting go of old emotional patterns, or even of old values that no longer resonate with you. If there is something you’ve been avoiding facing, this could be surfaced for you now.

The eclipse offers a chance to transform old insecurities and to start focusing on activities that strengthen your intuition, or it may also surface old ideas or beliefs around money that you might want to transform. This could also increase your interest in spiritual or metaphysical studies, or any other eight-house topic.


For Libra, this happens in your first house of the self. The previous Solar Eclipse might have been centered around issues within your relationships, or business partners, or surfaced any instance where you feel like you might have been losing your integrity or compromising too much, for the sake of your own personal needs and wants. Now is a time where your emotions around all this can start to catch up, and maybe you will start to get more clear insight into which action to take moving forward.

If you feel like you’ve been neglecting yourself too much, maybe now’s the time where you start to change your priorities and make more time for your own personal aims. You might also be ready to let go of old versions of yourself, that no longer resonates with the person you see yourself as, or aspire to become. This could also be a time where you feel like it’s time for changing paths, perhaps you’ve been reflecting on where you are on your journey or perhaps have started to feel like you want to change your destination moving forward.


For Scorpio, this happens in your twelfth house of dreams, sleep and isolation. This can surface things from the past, or old emotions ready to heal. The Lunar Eclipse could heighten your intuition and make your dream life more active, but could also lead to some restlessness or difficulty sleeping. Take note of your intuition and your dreams during this time.

The eclipses could also be the start of a new health regimen or make you want to change your health routines, with Rahu and the Sun in your sixth house of health and routines. The eclipse could also show if you need more time to process things in solitude, or any instance where you feel like you’ve been too isolated and long for more connectivity.


For Sagittarius, this will happen in your eleventh house of friendships and community. Here you may receive insights about the true value of your friends, or how you prioritize those relationships. You might experience a change in social circles, or where some relationships have played their part and you are ready to let go. This could also surface any instance where you’re not following your heart or feeling like you want to make a change in your path, or maybe that you might start to question the path that you are on.

The Lunar Eclipse can surface hidden desires or feelings regarding your passions or what mission you perceive your are here to accomplish. If you have children, this could also be pertaining to your relationship with them, or if you feel like you haven’t had enough time to focus on your relationships with them or adress any other issues that may have surfaced.


For Capricorn, this happens in your tenth house of career. This cycle of eclipses has put the focus on your home/work life balance, and might have surfaced any changes you maybe wish to make in order to create more harmony in your life. This Lunar Eclipse might surface your true feelings about your job, if you are happy or whether you secretly long for a change.

Perhaps the Solar Eclipse surfaced whether you may feel like you want to focus more on your home life rather than spending your time on your work, or maybe you’ve lost interest in your current job or projects and long for some new influences. This Lunar Eclipse can make your emotional attitudes toward any such thoughts start to come into light, and you might get even more clarity on what to do as Mercury starts to move forward again in the middle of May.


For Aquarius, this takes place in your ninth house of teachings and philosophy. Here, you might be in the process of re-evaluating your teachings or what type of information you seek with Mercury retrograde in your third house with Rahu and the Sun, or in the process of seeking new interests. The Lunar Eclipse can also surface attitudes toward your teachings or teachers that you’ve maybe outgrown or that you might have lost interest in and are becoming ready for something new.

This can be a time of re-evaluating your belief system, or the personal ideas that motivate you, and you might go through changes in your personal desires as well, or suddenly loosing interest in something that has previously felt important to you. You can also become more careful about what information you take in, or more selective about who you communicate with in your close community.


For Pisces, this happens in your eighth house of transformation, fear and deep emotions. Here, you might be in the process of healing old wounds, or transforming old emotional patterns that maybe surfaced during the Solar Eclipse. This can be a time where your intuition gets heightened, but also where the emotional intensity can make you want to avoid facing your insecurities. This can also be a time where you’re ready to let go of old values that no longer resonate, or where you’re ready to transform issues around material security.

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