new moon in krittika taurus may 2023

New Moon in Krittika May 19th 2023

Friday May 19, 17:52 CET, 4° Taurus

This New Moon will be in the nakshatra Krittika ‘the star of fire’, in Taurus, which signifies a sharp, and cutting nature with the power to transform stagnant energy.

Krittika ‘the cutter’

Krittika means ‘the cutter’, which shows its natural qualities of piercing illusions and cutting away unnecessary distractions in order to get to the deeper truth. The symbol for this nakshatra is a blade or razor, adding to the fierce and decisive qualities that can be found here.

The deity that resides here is Agni, the sacred fire, the god whose transformational powers are sought when performing rituals centered around fire. Agni has the power to destroy whatever it comes into contact with down to the root, which shows the ability found in Krittika to detect and eliminate what no longer serves a purpose.

Krittika is ruled by the Sun, adding to the fiery determination and ambition that can be found here. Because the New Moon falls in the part of Krittika that is within Taurus, ruled by Venus, there will be an influence of the combined Sun/Venus energy in this nakshatra, showing a stubborn, proud and forceful energy that can be seen here.

The influence of Venus also shows the forming of attachments that starts to form as we are setting down roots and gaining material assets in Taurus after embarking on the journey and exploring the land in Aries. Krittika is in this way the nakshatra that bridges the sign of Aries into Taurus and the subsequent change in energy and motivation that is the result.

This New Moon will take place just after the moon passes over its exaltation degree which lies at 3° Krittika. This means that the Moon naturally does well here, supported by the calm steadiness of Taurus where the Moon feels safe, but with the razor sharp ability of Krittika to pierce through the illusions of the mind and let go of unnecessary beliefs or patterns.

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This will also be the first New Moon after the eclipse cycle we just came out of, which to me feels like a new beginning, or entering into a new chapter. As Mercury is still retrograde during the New Moon, use this time to reflect and plan ahead, carefully checking your agenda before taking any further action. If you got a new idea, or experienced a change in your desires during the eclipses, but perhaps have been feeling stuck or like nothing is happening – this will start to change soon as Mercury turns direct on May 15th and things will naturally feel like they start to move forward again.

Be patient and remember that the energy operates on six-month cycles. Look back to the past eclipses in October/November, what you were working on then, and compare to how far you’ve come now.

Some questions to reflect upon:

❧ Do I have any limiting beliefs or ideas about myself that I am ready to let go off?

❧ How can I best support myself in pursuing my desired path?

❧ Am I embracing myself fully, or is there a part of myself that needs integration?

❧ Is there something I need to let go off in order to become the best version of myself?

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New Moon blessings!

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