planetary transits for june 2023

Planetary transits for June 2023

❧ Venus in Cancer June 1-30th
❧ Jupiter conjunct Rahu June 2nd
❧ Full Moon in Scorpio June 4th
❧ Mercury in Taurus June 7th
❧ Sun in Gemini June 15th
❧ Saturn retrograde in Aquarius June 17th
❧ New Moon in Gemini June 18th
❧ Mercury in Gemini June 24th
❧ Mars in Leo June 30th

Last month brought inner transformation and pause for reflection as we entered into what felt like a new chapter, perhaps even with a new direction or source of inspiration to pull us forward. This month might test our patience and emotional fortitude, but we might also experience a lot of new ideas and plans starting to take shape, as the energy shifts forward. If you felt a sense of pause, or like nothing was happening, as we exited the eclipse season and during Mercury’s retrograde cycle, things will definitely start to pick up speed as we go into this month! Remember to ground yourself and take pause to (self-)reflect every now and then, as we might be more easily triggered and ready to engage in verbal battles or arguments this month.

Venus in Cancer

June begins just as sensual Venus joined fiery Mars in Cancer, challenging our inner peace and creating a potential for emotional turmoil right as the month begins. This puts the focus especially on those relationships that are closest to our hearts, such as our family, children and partners, testing our patience and sense of calm, due to the friction that can occur between these two planets and their natural polarity. We might also experience a sense of restlessness or a loss of drive and focus during this time, so this is a great time to stick to your meditation routine or any other calming activities that aid your peace of mind.

Jupiter conjunct Rahu June 2nd

We will also have a conjunction between Jupiter, the planetary guru, and Rahu, the north node of the moon that signifies obsessions as well as illusions, firing up our beliefs and individual ideas. This conjunction has the potential to make us more self-righteous than usual, or even quite dogmatic, surfacing any instance where we’re unable to see things from a different perspective or unwilling to accept any opinion that differs from our own view of things. This conjunction could also bring on an influx of new ideas or inspirations which might make us desire a sudden change in paths or completely change direction, but as always when it comes to the influence of Rahu, it might be best to be conscious about making any sudden changes, as Rahu creates illusion and confusion.

Mercury in Taurus June 7th

The mercury will move into Taurus on June 7th, joining the Sun who will remain there for another week, creating great opportunities for laying the groundwork for your future projects or getting any practical aspects of your life in order. This could pertain to details in your work or your finances, but in either case, this transit brings out the earthy sides of Mercury, making this a great transit for creating structure and order within all the material aspects of life. If you have any ideas you might’ve been sitting on, this can be a great time to start making plans or taking concrete steps to see them come to life.

Sun in Gemini June 15th – Gemini Season begins!

Sun moves into Gemini on June 15th, marking the start of ‘Gemini season’. This is a time where the focus naturally shifts to making social connections, feeling inspired with new ideas, enjoying soulful conversations or partaking in stimulating discussions, as fiery Sun takes up the qualities of airy and communicative Gemini. What makes you feel truly inspired? What ignites your inner curiosity? Perhaps devote some more time toward that this Gemini season!

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius June 17th

Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius on June 17th, a cycle that will last until early November this fall. Saturn retrograde calls us to evaluate how we spend our energy, how we honor our boundaries; whether we exceed our personal limitations or if we push ourselves in the right direction or if we need to let some things go in order to preserve our energy.

Look back to May/June of last year, or to January of this year, those times when Saturn first entered into Aquarius, and see what themes were prominent in your life at those times. On a collective level, this could pertain to personal beliefs we might hold around our individual sovereignty or our sense of authority, as well as the power structures we adhere to in general. For me personally, this also was a time of evaluating which desires that motivated me most, and how I could create a stronger sense of community in my life. In any case, under Saturn’s constricting influence, this can be a time of refining and concentrating our motivations, and for weeding out and letting go of all the things that drain our energy or that don’t serve our greater goals.

Mercury in Gemini June 24th

Mercury moves into Gemini on June 24th, firing up our inner curiosity and desire for intellectual stimulation. This can be a time of bubbling ideas, creative inspiration and social interactions. However, be sure to ground any new ideas with practical actions as Mercury in Gemini can ignite quickly, but tend to loose interest fast, moving from one thing to the next and never really reaching below surface level. Make use of this transit by following your inspiration, take part in fun or stimulating activities, widen you social network or if you’re artistically bent, bring out your inner creative spark.

Final thoughts

To end this update I will say, make sure to find your center and ground your energy this month, as we there are many potentially disrupting transits taking place. Not to say that it’s all bad; there can also be a lot of stimulating, creative influences, but in either case, it’s easy to get swept away and loose our footing in the process, so keep to your routines and do things that support and strengthen your peace of mind. This month can be emotionally challenging – especially when it comes to our close relationships – but on a positive note there can also be an increased interest in building a community and expanding your social circles, so look to how you can build connections and listen to different viewpoints with a open mind.

I wish you an inspired month of June!

Many blessings!

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