full moon in jyeshta june 2023

Full Moon in Jyeshta

Full Moon in Jyeshtha, Scorpio
Sunday June 4th, 05:41 CET, 19° Scorpio ♏︎

Jyeshta ‘the elder star’

This Full Moon will be in the nakshatra Jyeshta, ‘the elder star’ often referred to as the ‘eldest’ or ‘the chief star’, signifying seniority and accomplishment. Yet, it is also within Jyeshta, which spans over the last degrees of Scorpio, that we must realize our inability to direct the outcome of our lives and learn to surrender control, which is in itself a way of surrendering our strive for accomplishment that also lies within this nakshatra.

This is also shown by the deity that resides here, which is Indra, the king of gods, who got so caught up in his own magnificence that he eventually fell from grace due to his excessive pride, which shows the importance of remaining humble and avoid becoming stagnant in our own desires in order to reamin open to new possibilities revealing themselves along the way. Jyeshta holds the transformation point on the soul’s journey where we need to let our materialistic desires go in order to follow the path to our spirituality, as well as our inner truth.

Jyeshta is symbolized by an earring, which is an old symbol for status and power. The planetary ruler for Jyeshta is Mercury, showing the need to reamin intellectually flexible and being open to new ideas. Mercury also shows the mental acuity, cunning abilities and the sharpness of mind that can be found within this nakshatra. Together with the influence of intuitive Scorpio, there is a sharp intuition that can be seen here, where almost nothing gets past the sixth sense of Jyeshta.

Because the planetary ruler for Scorpio is Mars, there is an influence of the combined energy of Mercury and Mars to be seen here, which can create a sharp, logical mind, but also a tendency for mental conflicts or intellectual combativeness. Mars here also heightens the warrior-like quality that can be seen in Jyeshta, to fight for the underdog or anyone in a vulnerable position.

Moon & Mars debilitated

There will also be an interesting occurrence this Full Moon, where the Moon will be full in its debilitation sign of Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars, while Mars currently transits in his debilitation sign of Cancer, the sign ruled by Moon. This can provide an added edge to our emotions this Full Moon, heightening our sensitivity or making us hypercritical. This could also surface any instance where we feel unsupported or where we suffer from insecurities that dampen our motivation or forward drive.

This Full Moon will also receive the special aspect of Saturn, who will hold his stern and uncompromising gaze on the Moon, constricting our emotions and intensifying whatever we may experience this Full Moon. Saturn is the great taskmaster, that reminds us of the dedication and seriousness needed to succeed, which can make us extra aware of the time and energy we spend maintaining the different aspects of our life during this Full Moon. If there is something draining your energy or a project that you are not feeling dedicated towards anymore, perhaps this is a good time to let those things go.

Some questions for reflection:

❧ In what instances do my insecurities hinder my growth?
❧ Is there something I need to surrender, in order to feel more at peace and content with the present moment?
❧ In what instances am I reluctant to relinquish control? In my relationships, my work or in my relationship with my children etc.
❧ What makes me feel truly inspired? In what circumstances, on the other hand, do I lose my inspiration, or feel my motivation drain?

Full Moon blessings!

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"Spiritual awakening is not about changing who you are but letting go of who you are not."— Deepak Chopra
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