new moon in mrigashira june 2023

New Moon in Mrigashira June 2023

New Moon in Mrigashira
Sunday June 18th, 06:36 CET, 2° Gemini

Just a few hours after Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius, the Sun and Moon will meet in airy and dual Gemini, bringing any issues around communication or indecisiveness to our attention.

During this New Moon the Sun and Moon will align in the sky within the nakshatra of Mrigashira, ‘the searching star’, that spans from the constellation of Taurus into Gemini. After establishing our worldly presence and putting down roots in Taurus, a desire to seek new experiences and start exploring our surroundings starts to develop as the souls journey continues from Taurus into Gemini. Here, the individual experiences a growing curiosity and desire for intellectual stimulation and thus begin to expand our horizons, either though our mind and diving into new knowledge or though physical experiences and travel.

The shadow side of Mrigashira is a restless energy and a tendency to get caught up in the chase of satisfying our (intellectual) desires, or becoming trapped in the ‘grass is always greener’ illusion, never being entirely present or content with the current situation. This is heightened even more in the part of Mrigashira that falls within airy and dual Gemini, showing a tendency for indecisiveness or a propensity for over-thinking every situation before coming to a decision. If in fact there is a decision that we’ve been avoiding facing, this New Moon can heighten the intellectual stress we’ve been experiencing or bring a new level of urgency towards the matter.

The intellectual restlessness in Mrigashira is also shown by its presiding deity, Soma, the moon god, as the mind is linked to the Moon in vedic astrology. Soma is also the name for the nectar of immortality, the elixir that grants eternal life and the very same that the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu stole (and drank) in their quest to become immortal – which is why they are destined to circle our world, upholding the cycle of time, in perpetuity.

Mriga means deer and sira means head, so the name Mrigashira literally means ‘the head of a deer’. Mrigashira is also symbolized by the head of a deer, or an antelope, a symbol that holds a classic representation of the Moon and that also shows the sensitive and gentle qualities that can be found here.

The planetary ruler is Mars, showing a strong, inner desire for conquering new territory and seeking new experiences. Because the New Moon falls in the part of Mrigashira that resides within Gemini, there’s also the influence of Mercury operating here, showing the need for intellectual stimulation as well as the innate curiosity that can be seen here. The combination of Mars and Mercury’s energy creates a strong, logic-driven mind, that seeks to understand the workings behind worldly phenomena, curios yet critical and that can be difficult to persuade.

This New Moon will occur only hours after Saturn stations retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, heightening the importance of evaluating how, when, or on what, we spend our energy as we begin this new Moon cycle. Take some time this New Moon to reflect over which situations motivate you or which path you want to pursue. Is there a new path starting to unfold? Do you have any unresolved issues that calls your attention that needs resolving? This New Moon can put the spotlight on situations where we’ve suffered from doubt or hesitation, so do what you can to get clarity on the situation if that is the case, in order to move forward.

Some questions for reflection:

Is there some area of my life that needs more clarity?

Am I clear on how I prioritize my energy? What makes me feel most inspired? What spurs my inner curiosity? How can I incorporate more of that into my daily life?

Is there any situation where I suffer from indecisiveness? If so, what is the reason behind my hesitation?

How can I support myself in moving forward with clarity and decisiveness?

New Moon blessings!

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