Planetary transits for July 2023

❧ Mars in Leo July 1
❧ Mercury conjunct Sun in Gemini July 1
❧ Neptune retrograde in Pisces July 1
❧ Full Moon in Sagittarius July 3
❧ Venus in Leo July 7
❧ Venus conjunct Mars July 7-11
❧ Mercury in Cancer July 8
❧ Sun in Cancer July 17
❧ New Moon in Cancer July 17
❧ Venus retrograde in Leo July 23rd
❧ Mercury in Leo July 25th
❧ Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo July 27

Last month brought some intense emotional shifts, where we might have experienced a shift in our awareness, desires or attitudes, either within our personal relationships or within our work. There were a lot of intense transits with the potential to test our patience and perhaps we also experienced new interests starting to awaken. This month will put the focus on following through on those projects that really inspire us or that truly spurs our inner longing, while weeding out the things that no longer feel aligned with our sense of purpose. We might feel an infuse of passion with Mars, both in our relationships but that could also ignite our inner drive, pushing us to courageously pursue our vision. This might be somewhat subdued during the end of the month as Venus stations retrograde on July 23rd, calling us to reflect on our romantic life an our relationships and providing a chance to revise what truly makes us happy or where our true sense of inspiration and devotion stems from.

Mars in Leo July 1st

The month begins with Mars transiting the sign of Leo, connecting fire with fire and heightening Mars’ natural qualities of courage, ambition and drive. Here, Mars is in a friendly sign that also supports the innate qualities of Mars, making this a good time for pursuing our projects and dedicating time to the things we are truly passionate about. Because Mars is also the planet of discipline, this can be a good time for increasing our level of personal discipline within our commitments, how we shoulder responsibilities and show up for the people closest to us. Remember to also stay humble, as Mars can become a little bit too fired up about our opinions or even become a bit boastful and arrogant, or even competitive here as well. After its debilitation in Cancer, this transit can feel like we’re regaining our confidence and willpower, where that inner drive and ambition is renewed.

Mercury conjunct Sun in Gemini July 1st

Mercury will be halfway through its time of combustion as the month begins and will move into an exact conjunction with the Sun on July 1st, its deepest point of combustion, where it’s entirely overpowered by the intensity of the Sun. This is a time when our intellect and communication skills might suffer a bit of hardship, as Mercury’s rays are diminished by the strong light of the Sun. This also offers a chance for re-aligning our vision and our ideas, so that they become more in tune with our inner wishes and desires.

Venus in Leo July 7th

Venus transits into Leo on July 7th, where it will join Mars, increasing the friction yet again between the planets, highlighting their natural state of polarity and infusing our creativity and passion with its energy. In a general sense, this affects primarily our relationships and romantic partners, but can also ignite our passion for our creative outlets, or finding joy in our passion projects. This will last for about two weeks, before Venus turns retrograde, when the planetary energies begin to move in different directions as they move further apart. Between July 7th-11th is when the polarity of Venus and Mars will be at its strongest, when the planets will be in close conjunction with each other (only 5° apart). During this time we can experience an increased tension, or increased passion, in our relationships.

Mercury in Cancer July 8th

Mercury will move into Cancer on July 8th, a water sign that can be emotionally charged, whereas Mercury is a neutral planet. Here, we might lose our ability to compose ourselves in challenging or emotionally trying situations, or a time where our communication can become a bit more dramatic than usual, where we might let things slip that we’d later wish we hadn’t. Here, our communication can become more stingy or unchecked than usual, so take pause before speaking if you should find yourself in a heated or emotionally charged situation.

Sun in Cancer July 17th

Then Sun moves into Cancer on July 17th, marking the beginning of Cancer season. Happy birthday all Cancer Suns! This menas that the focus shifts naturally from the inspired, curious energy of Gemini onto anchoring our ideas and inspiration firmly in our emotions as well. This can also be a time where we focus more on taking care of our home, our family and those things that are closest to our hearts. We might also experience our intuition naturally becoming a little stronger, or where we focus more on how things feel to us when standing before any new decisions.

Venus retrograde in Leo July 23rd

Venus stations retrograde in Leo on July 23rd, slowly starting to move away from Mars and turning our attention inwards, creating opportunities for reflection and alignment in all Venus-related areas, mainly our relationships, friendships and creative pursuits. This transit can bring into light how our relationships feel to us, do we feel that we are being treated right? Do we get the same amount of energy and attention back, as we are putting into the relationship? Do we feel that our relationships are operating out of balance and mutual respect? If not, how can we amend the situation? Be careful not to pass blame onto the other party too quickly though, as Venus here can be more emotionally charged than usual and therefore loose its ability to assess the situation with clarity.

Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo July 27th

Mercury moves into Leo on July 25th, almost immediately moving into an exact conjunction with Venus. Venus and Mercury are the ‘social planets’, meaning, the planets that provide us with our extrovert and connection-seeking energy in astrology. These two social planets together can highlight our own need for social connections, friendships and personal interaction, as well as any instance when those things are out of balance in our lives. Both Mercury and Venus are planets of equal respect, diplomacy and justice, so this conjunction can also highlight any situation (real or imagined) where you, or someone close to you, is not being treated fairly. Something to keep in mind with these two planets is also not getting too involved in other people’s business, gossiping, or letting our flair for the dramatic get the better of us, especially while in fiery and theatrical Leo.

Final words

To end this month’s update I will say, stay focused on things that inspire and help lift your spirits, and if you can, take some time to do the things that make you feel elevated this month. Stick to your meditation routine if you’ve got one, try to keep a level head and stay away from unnecessary drama or conflict. Take care of the relationships closest to you, whether that be with your partner, your kids or your close friends. Perhaps take some time to do fun, inspiring things together that strengthen your bond and help you stay connected. This month can be a great time to focus on creative outlets or passion projects, so this could also be a great month for anyone who’s artistically bent.

I wish you an inspired month of July!

Many blessings!

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