Full Moon in Purva Ashadha July 2023

Full Moon in Purva Ashadha July 2023
Monday July 3rd, 13:37 CET, 17° Sagittarius ♐︎

This Full Moon will be in Purva Ashadha, ‘the invincible star’ in fiery and visionary Sagittarius, urging us forward at the halfway point of this cycle, with new hope and an infuse of inspiration. The Full Moon is in a sense the peak point of the current cycle, providing an opportunity for evaluation or even a reset if needed, a chance for letting go of the things that are not supporting our forward journey or readjusting our course.

Purva Ashadha is ruled by Venus, and as the Moon is within Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, there’s a combined influence of Venus and Jupiter’s energy that operates here. Venus creates a longing for sensual experiences and the good that life has to offer, while Jupiter calls us to align our life with our faith and keep practicing what we believe. With the highest expression of Venus, practicing our beliefs would stem from a place of devotion, rather than obligation or determination.

The deity that resides here is Apas, the divine manifestation of water, providing a connection between our faith and emotions and showing a need to ground our beliefs deeper within ourselves, or our emotions. As we are in a moon cycle of revising, or expanding, our believes (more on this in the post on the New Moon in Mrigashira) the Full Moon offers a time for checking our beliefs, or letting go of those beliefs that no longer feel aligned. Am I operating out of beliefs that hinder my growth? How can I let go of any such limiting beliefs? Are my beliefs firmly rooted in my core values? If not, is this an indication that am I in the process of re-adjusting my vision or aims in life?

Purva Ashadha means ‘the undefeated’ or ‘the former invincible one’ and it’s symbolized by a winnowing basket or a fan, which indicates the process of separating the wheat from chaff, showing the continuing process of refining our motives. The fan is something we use to help us keep cool on a warm summer day, showing the need sometimes to cool down the innate fire of this nakshatra, in order to ‘keep our cool’ and not engage in fiery contentions, as there can be a somewhat competitive nature to be seen here as well.

Questions for reflection:

❧ Have I become aware of any limiting beliefs that it’s time to let go of?

❧ Am I engaging in negative self-talk? If so, how can I help myself re-adjust the way I speak (or think) about myself?

❧ Are my actions reflecting my beliefs? If say I value honesty, am I speaking truthfully?

❧ Are my actions aligned with the highest vision for my future? Am I putting my efforts into the things that will take me closer to my goals?

❧ Am I making time for the things that make me feel truly inspired? Or am I waisting time doing things that won’t matter a day, a week or a month from now?

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Happy Full Moon! 🌕

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