PLANETARY TRANSITS for august 2023

Planetary transits for August 2023

❧ Full Moon in Capricorn August 1st
❧ Venus retrogrades into Cancer August 7
❧ Venus combust August 7-18
❧ Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo August 10-18
❧ Venus conjunct Sun August 13
❧ New Moon in Cancer August 16
❧ Sun in Leo August 17
❧ Mars in Virgo August 18
❧ Mercury retrograde in Leo August 23
❧ Full Moon in Aquarius August 31

Last month shone the light on our relationships, our romantic connections in particular, as well as our passion(s) and the things that we feel intensely about; whether that be our passion projects, our careers or our children, to name a few examples. When Venus turned retrograde in the second half of the month, we were called to take pause and reflect on both our relationships and the things that makes us feel truly inspired – what lights our inner fire. This theme continues as we move into August, but shifting the focus slightly more towards our emotional attitudes to all these things and how they affect us on a deeper level.

Venus retrogrades into Cancer August 7

As we are entering the month of August, Venus will draw the energy even closer within, as it continues on its retrograde cycle, moving back into Cancer, asking us to evaluate how said things affect us on an even deeper, emotional level, shining the light on those things we keep closest to the vest, or that lies closest to our hearts. Looking at this from a standpoint of our relationships, this could make us question if we are harboring emotional needs that aren’t being met (or that we lack the courage or trust to vocalize) or if we feel a lack of trust in our closest relationships.

It could also be a call to revisit themes of happiness, security and contentment and how we pursue these things in our lives; are we able to be happy and feel content in our present situation or are we looking for happiness outside our current bounds, or perhaps caught up in a ‘grass is always greener’ kind of thinking? Here, it is also wise to remember that Venus is an impatient and rather materialistic influence, so try to observe your thoughts and emotions from a place of neutrality and discernment.

During a little over the first week of Venus retrograding into Cancer, it will also be transiting within close proximity to the Sun, a phenomena called combustion, when a planet is overpowered by traveling too close to the strong light of the Sun. Seeing as the Sun is either the connection to our higher self or to our ego, this could mean that Venus is either connecting to the true desires of our soul (our dharma), or the (materialistic) desires of our ego; influencing through which light we perceive what this Venus cycle brings to light for us.

Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo August 10-18

Mercury will move within close proximity to fiery Mars in fiery Leo, influencing our communication with passion and fire, in a double sense, and firing up our inspiration. During this time we might feel more compelled to make our voices heard and express ourselves (and our opinions) more freely. It could also mean that our way of communicating and expressing ourselves can become a bit more flagrant, or even theatrical, than usual. Though this might make us more inclined to get into fiery debates, this could be a great time to channel all that fiery inspiration into creative outlets, or taking the next practical step in a project you’re passionate about, as Mars and Mercury can make for a driven and logical intellect.

Mars in Virgo August 18

Mars moving from Leo into Virgo, takes the fiery passion we’ve accumulated in fiery Leo and turns it into practical actions and applicable strategies in earthy Virgo. This is a great time to evaluate whether your passion projects has the potential for further development or taking the next practical steps in realizing your endeavors. Mars is a planet of logic and finding solutions, qualities that gets even more heightened in practical and analytical Virgo, making this a great time for tackling issues and structuring the way that you work, finding new efficient ways of dealing with problems or adversities.

Mercury retrograde in Leo August 23

On August 23rd, Mercury will turn retrograde in Leo, the third (and final) retrograde cycle within the fire signs that has been the theme of Mercury’s retrograde cycles of this year. In Leo, this deals with reflecting on our personal source of inspiration and revising what we truly feel passionate and inspired by. What is our personal narrative when it comes to the way we express our creativity and inspiration? Are we operating our of limiting beliefs in regards to our ability to express ourselves or our ability to realize our dreams? What are the things in life that brings us the most pure, playful joy, where we don’t have to force anything or motivate ourselves, that just naturally inspires us? How are we incorporating joy and inspiration in our lives, or do we need to make adjustments in our priorities?

These questions can also be applied to concepts or beliefs we are operating out of when it comes to our relationships, and the way our inner narrator portrays our pursuit of happiness and joy within our romantic life, as Leo is the original sign of how we express our passion.

To end this month’s update I will say, focus on aligning your vision with the truth that is in your heart, what truly makes you feel inspired. With that, I wish you an inspired and creative month of August!

Many blessings!

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