Full Moon in Ashlesha February 5

Full Moon in Ashlesha February 5th

Sunday Feb 5th, 19:28 CET, 22° Cancer ♋︎

«Full Moon of emotional intensity and transformation»

Ashlesha ‘the clinging star’

This Full Moon in unpredictable and analytical Ashlesha, ‘the clinging star’, can bring sudden insights, piercing realizations about where we are out of alignment and unexpected changes in our desires.

Ashlesha means ‘coiled’ or ‘entwining’ and the symbol for this nakshatra is a coiled snake, which represents the kundalini energy that arises at the base of the spine and culminates in the third eye chakra in Sun and Moon’s signs of Cancer and Leo. The presiding deity here is Naga the serpent king, who stands for occult wisdom, power and the uncovering of mysteries. Ashlesha means ‘entwining’ and possesses a sharp, hypnotising energy, possible of deception or heightening ones sensitivity, creating a powerful intuition. This sharp nakshatra and its powerful serpent ruler demands respect, just as the kundalini energy should not be taken lightly or treated without caution.

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The planetary ruler for this nakshatra is analytical Mercury, within Cancer, ruled by the Moon, providing mental prowess and intellectual abilities, showing the focus on contemplation and introspection that arises here. There is a restless energy that can be found here, that, when left to its own devices, can turn (self-)destructive and volatile. This is an asterism where over-thinking can quickly turn into negative thought loops.

The Full Moon will receive the special aspect of Jupiter, adding to the theme of spiritual teachings and seeking (occult) wisdom. The seeds that were planted during the past New Moon in Capricorn could either spiral into new growth, or become subject to re-evaluation and sudden transformation under the influence of this Full Moon in Ashlesha. This nakshatra, completely enclosed within the sign of Cancer, can lead to emotional sensitivity and sudden, unexpected shifts, so doing calming meditations or breath work is favorable here.

Some questions to reflect upon this Full Moon:

❧ Am I content with the way my plans are unfolding?

❧ Or have I experienced a change in my desires?

❧ Am I clinging to something I really should let go of?

❧ And if so, why am I having trouble letting go?

Become what you most desire and your dreams will follow!

Happy Full Moon! 🌕

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