New Moon in Shatabisha February 2023

New Moon in Shatabisha February 20th

Monday February 20th, 08:05 CET, 7° Aquarius ♒︎

«New Moon of introspection and healing»

Shatabisha ‘The Hundred Physicians’

This New Moon will be in the nakshatra called Shatabisha ’the hundred physicians’ which resides entirely within the sign of Aquarius. The deity of this nakshatra is Varuna the god of water, bringing emotional wisdom and healing qualities to this nakshatra, as well as a self-sacrificing nature that can be seen here.

The ruler of Shatabisha is Rahu, the north eclipse point of the Moon, which can bring intensity and big shifts. The symbol is an empty circle, without a midpoint, symbolising the ability of this asterism to go deep and pursue mystical knowledge.

Shatabisha is really about shedding illusions in pursuit of the highest truth, as seen by the primary motivation of Shatabisha which is Dharma, righteous action. In order to pursue our highest truth, there has to be a preceding collapse of all material illusions, which is what this nakshatra leads the soul toward, on its path to illumination.

In Shatabisha, the New Moon is under the influence of both Rahu and Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius. Rahu creates a tendency for eccentricity and fickleness with this nakshatra, yet Saturn is the planet that forces us to reckon with our demons and face our true nature in order to begin the healing process. This is emphasized even more on this New Moon, as Sun and Moon will be conjunct Saturn in Aquarius as well.


This also highlights the tendency toward seclusion that can be seen with this nakshatra, in addition to the natural shift toward introversion that comes with every New Moon. Should you feel drawn toward seclusion, this New Moon offers an excellent opportunity for introspection and internal work.

This nakshatra brings a focus on healing, but in the same way it can also show us where healing is most required, and where we need to re-align our priorities or break stubborn habits in order to improve our health. This pertains to our physical health just as much as our spiritual wellbeing, and how we manage our spiritual hygiene etc.

Take some time this New Moon to reflect on what stands in the way of you feeling like your most vital, healthiest self and write down some things that you could incorporate into your daily self care routines to revitalize yourself.

Some questions for reflection this New Moon:

❧ Is there something you’ve been avoiding facing?

❧ Are there any illusions that you may need to get rid off?

❧ Where are you spending most energy? Are you prioritizing correctly?

❧ Are you taking proper care of your health?

❧ If you could dream anything into fruition; what would it be?

Healing takes time – and so does not healing. Choose how you spend your time wisely.
~ Lalah Delia

New Moon blessings!

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