Planetary transits for March 2023

Planetary transits for March 2023

❧ Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces Mar 2
❧ Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius Mar 2
❧ Mercury combust Mar 3 – 30
❧ Full Moon in Leo Mar 7
❧ Venus in Aries Mar 12
❧ Mars in Gemini Mar 13
❧ Sun in Pisces Mar 15
❧ Mercury debilitated in Pisces Mar 16
❧ Mercury conjunct Sun Mar 17
❧ Venus conjunct Rahu in Aries Mar 20
❧ New Moon in Pisces Mar 21
❧ Mercury conjunct Jupiter Mar 28
❧ Venus conjunct Uranus Mar 31
❧ Mercury in Aries Mar 31

Planetary transits for March 2023 – opportunities for growth and inspiration

Last month brought opportunities for manifestation as well as a window in time for forward movement and furthering out ambitions with all planets being in their direct motion. This forward momentum continues on throughout the month of March as well, as all planets will be direct until the middle of April, plus an inflow of creative energy provided by Venus’ transit through its exaltation sign Pisces and then Aries.

This month brings a lot of creativity, movement and inspiration and could be very advantageous for setting things in motion and taking projects that you’re serious about to the next level. What you focus on grows, and this is aided by the transit of Mars, the planet of discipline and action, in Gemini, the sign of ideas and intellect. Venus moves into Aries, putting the creative joy and focus behind our individual ideas and projects.

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Jupiter/Venus and Mercury/Saturn conjunction March 2nd

The month starts off with an intense day of conjunctions on March 2nd, when Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces and later that same day we’ll have Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. These seemingly differing energies could act somewhat in the same manner, where both conjunctions act as a lens, focusing the energy of the faster moving planets, influencing them with the more serious or mature energy of Saturn and Jupiter respectively.

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

In the case of Mercury, this could mean a time for looking over and assessing the kinds of agreements and contracts that we enter into, or looking over the states of our friendships and communities that we belong to. Mercury transiting in the service-oriented sign of Aquarius, influenced by Saturn’s energy, could also mean that this is a time to become more serious about how we can be of service, both in our day-to-day life, as well as in a larger sense, through our community or causes that we adhere to.

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter could in the same manner influence Venus with a more serious intention or attitude when it comes to how we are practicing our teachings, or how we practice our spirituality. With these planets transiting in Pisces, which is Jupiter’s own sign, and the exaltation sign of Venus, this could be a quite inspiring conjunction, activating our sense of hope and longing to create.

This conjunction can be both inspiring as well as a little challenging, because Venus and Jupiter are natural enemies. Although they both ultimately want to pull us in the direction of spiritual development, they have different ways of pursuing it, where Jupiter is the planet that makes us adhere to certain teachings, philosophies and practices, whereas Venus is the planet of sensuality, that seeks physical experiences and that operates through our senses; what we can feel, touch and see. Venus is a planet that want fast results and can therefore be quite impatient.

I’d say, prepare for this possibly intense day of conjunctions by allowing time for reflection and introspection, perhaps journal on some these current themes of your relationships, commitments and spiritual practices and see how and where you perhaps want to re-align you intentions or renew your goals.

Venus in Aries March 12th

Then we have Venus moving into the fiery sign of Aries on March 12th, drawing our focus toward our personal desires and ideas. Venus in Aries seeks its own individual expression, whether that be through artistic pursuits or through our ideas and projects, so this is a time to let Venus creativity be fired up and release stagnation.

This transit could transform the heightened creative energy from Pisces, into a more unique expression in Aries, of putting forth your individual ideas and finding your own path. This could also be a good transit for relationships, firing up Venus’ flirtatious and passionate energy within the fiery sign of Mars, where Venus quest for connectivity and sociability can get elevated.

The challenge with this transit is staying consistent and patient, as Venus here can become a little too fired up and impatient, seeking instant gratification instead of focusing on our long-term goals.

Venus conjunct Rahu in Aries March 20th

As Venus starts to move closer to its conjunction with Rahu, the north node of the Moon, later in the month, we might also experience sudden changes in our desires or new (unexpected) ideas starting to take form. However, make sure to not make any hasty decisions as Rahu brings an influence of illusion and trickery; meaning things may not always be what they seem at first glance. Take your time if you feel the desire to make any sudden changes.

Mars in Gemini March 13th

Then we have Mars transiting into Gemini, the sign of communication and intellect, firing up our communication style and putting our ideas into action. Mars, the army general of the planets, brings an edge and directness to our communication; a no-nonsense, nothing but the truth sort of edge that is Mars’ natural way of operating. Mars is our inner fire, the defender of our opinions and the one that looks to defeat the competition, so while in quick and communicative Gemini, this could make for some opinionated debates and unnecessary arguments, so keep that in mind and remember to pick your battles during this time as well.

Mars is also the planet of action and some influence of Mars is always necessary in order to carry out our ideas, so this could be a good transit for getting to work on a step-by-step plan or identifying the next logical step to take in order to achieve a goal. Mars is a technical planet and logically oriented, and in quick-minded Gemini, this could make for good problem-solving skills and eliminating obstacles.

Mercury debilitated in Pisces March 17th

Mercury will be moving into Pisces on March 17, its sign of debilitation, which means the sign where Mercury’s qualities of detail orientation and analytical skills come through the least, or gets lost a little in the vastness of the “Piscean ocean”, symbolically speaking (imagine Mercury trying, futilely, to separate single drops of water in an ocean and you get the picture). Mercury’s challenge in Pisces is to learn to let go of the details in order to see the bigger picture and start trusting the knowledge within.

This transit might be good for all of you who are creatively bent, as this transit could bring more creative energy, so long as you are able to overcome getting caught up in the details of things and allow yourself to ‘go with the flow’.

Mercury combust the Sun

Throughout Mercury’s transit in Pisces, it will also be combust by the Sun, when Mercury transit close to the harsh light of the Sun, extinguishing it from view in the sky. This means that the energy of Mercury is somewhat weakened, when its energy is overpowered by the light of the Sun. However, this can also be seen as a purification process, when the planet’s energy is purified by the Sun and acts like a reset, or back to status quo you might say; a chance to let go off some of the things (beliefs, ideas, habits etc) we have been carrying around that are not in alignment with our true nature.

In the case of Mercury, this could mean a purification of our individual beliefs, ideas and motivations. Have we taken on the opinions of others, perhaps in order to fit in or are our ideas aligned with our core values? Are we operating out of self-aggrandizement? Are we communicating sincerely and speaking truthfully? These are the types of questions that Mercury might contend with while transiting close to the dharmic influence of the Sun, that is always trying to move us closer to our inner truth.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces March 28th

Mercury will move into conjunction with Jupiter on March 28th, the last stopping point before Mercury moves out of the Sun’s grip into the sign of Aries, where Jupiter could have a similar effect on Mercury as it had on Venus, in the sense that Jupiter can act as a calming, more mature influence on Mercury’s youthful inquisitiveness.

On the other hand, as Mercury is an inquisitive, yet detached planet, while Jupiter is the planet of hopes and dreams, that can be both opinionated and stubborn about our practices and beliefs, this could also mean that Mercury can make us question, or evaluate, some of those beliefs, alerting us of possible contradictions or where we might be misguided. This could also be a time for revisiting our teachings and seeing how they align with our current beliefs or picking up something new that inspire us.

Final words

As I was looking over the planetary transits for March, my first impression was one of forward motion and inspiration, and this month could provide a lot of opportunities for creative expression and finding new inspiration. To end this month’s update, I will say, allow yourself the time and space to follow your joy this month! Do more of what makes you feel inspired, whether that be through creative pursuits or setting up new, inspired goals for your business, this is a month for getting more in tune with your unique expression and sharing your vision.

I wish you an inspired month of March!

Many blessings!

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