Full Moon in Purva Phalguni March 7th

Tuesday March 7th, 13:39 CET, 22° Leo ♌︎

«Full Moon of aligning devotion and service»

Purva Phalguni ‘the former red one’

This nakshatra is symbolized by a hammock, or the two front legs of a bed (that spans from Purva Phalguni in Leo to the following nakshatra Uttara Phalguni in Virgo) representing rest or rejuvenation. Purva Phalguni, ‘the former red one’ or also called ’the fruit of the tree’ signifies growth, prosperity and enjoyment. The deity linked to this nakshatra is Bhaga the god of bliss and fortune, contributing to the carefree nature of this lunar mansion. The shadow side to this nakshatra is vanity, recklessness as well as a tendency for over indulgence that can be seen here.

The planetary ruler for Purva Phalguni is Venus, showing the fondness of this nakshatra for experiences of the senses, connectivity and receiving the admiration of others. This is a nakshatra of social gatherings, a fondness of arts and music and Purva Phalguni natives are usually not ones to shy away from the spotlight. The planetary ruler for Leo is the Sun, combining the energy of Venus and the Sun, showing the potential gifts to be bestowed when in connection to the soul’s true expression. This Full Moon provides us a chance of uniting our duties and responsibilities with a sense of devotion, raising them from mundane chores into a more pure form of service.

As the Moon reaches its peak luminescence in Purva Phalguni, the Sun occupies the opposite position in Purva Bhadrapada in Aquarius, which shows the interaction of opposing forces at play here, between allowing our external illusions to fall away and looking within on the one hand, versus giving in to what feels good in the moment and (momentarily) relinquishing our responsibilities on the other.

During this Full Moon in Purva Phalguni it might helpful to focus on keeping a balanced mind, focus on supporting someone else’s needs above our own and it may also be a good opportunity to see where we can improve our sense of service and where we’re too caught up in our own strive for fulfillment. The previous New Moon in Shatabisha put the focus on our health and how we manage our spiritual well-being and as we are reaching the halfway point this lunar cycle, take some time to reflect on how these aspects are showing themselves in your life and if you need to re-align your priorities.

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This Full Moon in Purva Phalguni holds the potential for lots of creativity, providing an energy of joy and inspiration and a time for connectivity and social gatherings, so if you feel drawn toward toward creative pursuits this could be an excellent time for that as well. By the time of the Full Moon Venus will have moved into Pisces, its sign of exaltation, which can assist us in connecting our actions to a sense of devotion or inspiration, rather than short-term stimulation.

Some questions to reflect upon this Full Moon:

❧ What makes me feel most inspired right now? How can I weave more of my inspirations into my daily life?

❧ Am I upholding my responsibilities? How am I showing up for my family, my work or my community?

❧ In what instances am I most tempted to give in to short-term stimulations? What can I do to ascertain self-control?

❧ Am I taking proper care of my health? Do I feel well-rested and vitalized or do I need to prioritize time for relaxation?

It is the Sun that allows an individual to make the personal sacrifices that truly make a person great. ~ Ernst Wilhelm

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