Planetary transits for february 2023

Planetary transits for February 2023

Planetary transits for February 2023

❧ All planets direct Feb 1 – 30
❧ Saturn combust Feb 1 – 30
❧ Full Moon in Cancer Feb 5
❧ Mercury in Capricorn Feb 7
❧ Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Feb 10
❧ Sun in Aquarius Feb 13
❧ Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius Feb 15
❧ Venus in Pisces Feb 15
❧ Saturn conjunct Sun in Aquarius Feb 16
❧ Neptune in Pisces Feb 18
❧ New Moon in Aquarius Feb 20
❧ Mercury in Aquarius Feb 27

A chance for integration and processing

This year started with a bang, where the first month of the year offered one of the most important shifts that we will experience during all of 2023! I’m thinking especially of Saturn changing sings into Aquarius which brought a big change in energy, a shift that will likely continue to reveal its effects on a collective level for a while yet, as we move further into the year.

This month will still be carrying a lot of January’s energies, as we are continuing into the new chapter brought in during the beginning of the year. This month also felt a bit more quiet, almost like the lull between two waves, as I was looking over February’s transits, providing us with a chance for integration and processing. Last month was filled with so many powerful shifts and a so much movement, whereas this month might challenge us more through our ability of staying centered and keeping our focus.

All planets direct throughout the month

We will experience a powerful window in time this month, where all the planets are currently moving forward! This cycle will carry on until the month of April, brought to an end by Mercury going into its retrograde cycle on April 21st. This is a time of forward movement and could be a great time for starting new projects and help your ideas getting off the ground. However, the challenge here is remaining disciplined and focused on the task at hand, and to not become too scattered or loose touch with reality. Stay grounded and centered during this time and tend to your projects in order to watch them grow.

Mercury in Capricorn February 7th

Mercury turned direct last month, and is now moving back to where the retrograde cycle started (at 1° Capricorn) on December 29th. Look back to the end of December last year, and see what you were doing back then, and what has changed between then and now? Have you taken a different approach to something that you’re currently working on? What insights did you receive that have made you better equipped to deal with the situation in the future?

Mercury moving on into Capricorn means that now we’re ready to get down into the nitty gritty details of our work and the practical aspects of our day-to-day life, perhaps this is the time for getting your finances in order, or hashing out the technical details of a project you’re ready to launch.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto on February 10th, which could be a time where we might feel called to take a stand or to make a radical change in our work, seeing as Pluto is a planet that brings much transformation. This could also be a time where differences of opinion makes themselves known and could lead to heated arguments, so keep that in mind as well.

Mercury retrogrades in fire signs this year

Last year Mercury spent its retrograde cycles mainly in earth signs, revising the practical aspects of our lives, but this year Mercury will be going through the retrograde cycles within the fire signs, which pertains more to our attitudes, beliefs and opinions about ourselves, our world or about other people in our lives. In a sense, this could be an opportunity to really get in touch with what most inspires you this year!

Saturn combust in Aquarius throughout February

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and determination, will be combust by the Sun during the entire month of February, as it moves closer and closer to the (harsh) rays of the Sun, gradually blocking Saturn from our view and filtering its energy within its rays. I usually refer to this phenomenon as a sort of purification process, where Saturn becomes purified by the Sun’s rays, helping the planet reset to its original state, to its true expression.

In this case, it could mean a process of filtering out everything that is not in alignment with our path, our dharma, as well as purifying our motives for why we share our work (or passion) with the world, as this takes place in the sign of Aquarius. Are we operating mainly through selfish motives, or are we aspiring to better the collective through our work and what we do? If we’re stuck in co-dependent patterns, driven by guilt or taking on too many responsibilities this might surface for us to see as well, during this Sun-Saturn conjunction.

Saturn combust planetary transits for february 2023
Saturn combust by the Sun

The sign of Aquarius is the main sign of strength (mulatrikona) for Saturn, making this transit extra powerful, as the energy of Saturn is stronger than usual. However, during this time we might also experience more challenges with things pertaining to Saturn, such as our determination and diligence, and with qualities pertaining to the Sun, where our drive and ambition might become a bit dampened during this time as well. Take care of your body during this time too, as this transit can lead to some imbalances with the vata dosha (excess of the air element) which can make us more prone to stress and have difficulty relaxing.

Venus conjunct Neptune on the last degree of Aquarius

Both Venus and Neptune will transit into Pisces this month, emphasizing our need to feel loved and inspired in our day-to-day lives. Venus is the planet of love and relationships and Neptune is often called the planet of cosmic love, so when these two conjunct on the verge of crossing into Pisces, the sign of empathy and dreams, this could be a chance to raise and embrace the energy of love and what that means for us (and our relationships).

On another note, this could also mean the ending of a relationship, either in a literal or emotional sense, or of past emotional wounds or sorrows surfacing as Pisces is a sign of things from the past as well. Should you feel alone or disheartened during this time, try to focus on generating a sense of gratitude for anything (big or small) that you can think of, and remember that even in your solitude, you are always in the presence of love in the universe.

Mercury in Aquarius February 27

Finally, we have Mercury moving into the sign of Aquarius at the end of the month, after a somewhat shorter stay in Capricorn. Through its journey back and forth between Capricorn and Sagittarius, we’ve been through a process of revising and integrating what inspires us and how we incorporate those things into the practical aspects of our life, and our work. When Mercury moves into Aquarius, we might focus more on how we can share that which inspires us with the people around us, or our community.

This could also be a beneficial time for doing research, developing any technical aspects of our work or increasing our skills within technical communications, as Mercury, the planet of communication transits into Aquarius, an inventive sign that relates science and research.

I will end February’s update with saying that this is a great month for getting into the practical aspects of our work and daily life, so use the energy to really stay productive and nurture the seeds that you might’ve planted during the beginning of the year! If you’ve got a spiritual practice, this month could also provide great opportunities for manifestation, so keep your inspired vision close to heart and focus your thoughts on the dreams you wish to make into reality.

I wish you a peaceful and inspired February!

Many blessings!

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