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Today, I was reading through some of my notes about the chakra system’s relationship to the planets which I find super interesting, both from an astrological perspective and from my background working with health and nutrition. I feel like the chakra system is an example of something which you take ‘for granted’ (sort of, follow me here), everybody’s heard about it, you hear the term everywhere, you can buy things that are supposedly good for your chakras etc, but if you ask someone what they actually are, you rarely get an answer more precise than ‘it’s an energy thing’. I do not presume to know what they are, (or if they even exist in the way we think) I just find it interesting.

Anyway, I read about this connection between the fourth chakra and the thymus gland, which got me thinking about all this to start with, but let’s go through it from the beginning. Here’s what you usually find about the chakras:

Crown chakra, Ruler: None, Element: None
Third eye, Ruler: Sun & Moon, Element: None
Throat chakra, Ruler: Mercury, Element: Ether
Heart chakra, Ruler: Venus, Element: Air
Solar plexus, Ruler: Mars, Element: Fire
Sacral chakra, Ruler: Jupiter, Element: Water
Root chakra, Ruler: Saturn, Element: Earth

Planetary rulership of the chakras

Now, Saturn is exalted in Libra, where you find the fourth chakra. This resonates well with the thought that you need Saturn’s blessing for a relationship to become lasting, if you do not have any connection with Saturn when looking at the chart, at least you loose Saturn’s aspect of longevity in the relationship (well, maybe you get the happy, joyous energy of Venus). Saturn does bring hard lessons, but Saturn signifies longevity and therefore makes things last. You usually read all kind of things about how ‘dreadful’ Saturn is, but the highest form of Saturn is also commitment, what makes us really commit to something, even when it’s hard. So, Saturn’s not all bad. Anyway, the position of the fourth chakra of the heart is very close to the position of the thymus gland, and there’s this one theory I’ve read about, which correlates the chakras to the endocrine glands in the body that I find very compelling. Following this theory the responding endocrine glands are:

Crown: Pineal gland
Third eye: Pituitary gland
Throat: Thyroid & parathyroid
Heart: Thymus
Solar plexus: Pancreas
Sacral: Reproductive glands
Root: Adrenals

There’s some discrepancies about which gland is represented by each chakra, but this is the description which I found resonated most with me. The adrenals are actually located closer to the solar plexus chakra physiologically, but if you think about it, it’s actually not that strange that they should be represented in this way, seeing as that’s the direction we supposedly bring in new energy – from the ground up. The adrenals are in large responsible for balancing our energy levels, so it only seems fitting that they should be put with the chakra responsible for bringing in energy, right? This is something I will dive deeper into for sure, but I found this connection very interesting. There’s a lot more to add on this subject, more posts will come.

Cosmic greetings! 🌞

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