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Welcome to my blog! I guess I should introduce myself a little… My name is RoseAnna, I live in Sweden with my future husband and right now I’m on maternity leave. We have a beautiful little son of five months. I’ve been studying vedic astrology for almost two years now (and continuing still – there’s no end to how much there is to learn!) and it’s become a true passion for me. One day I just thought “hey, I could use this time to start a blog and write about astrology!” I really just wish to be able to inspire someone the way I myself have been inspired by astrology. For me it was the most eye-opening thing I’ve ever experienced for understanding myself, why I am the way I am, and coming to terms with my own quirks and personality traits -some of which I’d previously wished I could get rid off. I believe astrology to be a wonderful aid for understanding yourself and the people in your life.

I’ve been in contact with astrology for some time, both from family and other people I know, both western astrology and, later on, vedic. For me, I became a devotee of the vedic system after my first personal consultation with a vedic astrologer here in Gothenburg who told me things (things which he could not possibly have known) that were just so spot on that I was blown away. Even though any posts I might share about transits and such will be based on the sidereal placements, there are somethings I’ve learned from western astrology (and some things overlap) and I’ll leave the technical differences between the two systems to the experts.

My idea with this blog is to write about some of the basic foundations of astrology, e.g, the houses, the signs and so on, and then just writing about anything and everything that pulls my interest (we’ll see later on if that is actually what will happen) mixed with perhaps some personal stories and some of my art… Hopefully someone will find something useful and/or inspiring!

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"Awakening of consciousness does not happen without pain. Yet, people will do anything to avoid facing their Souls. You do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by shining consciousness on the darkness."— Carl Jung
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