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This is me and my son, Isack – the faces behind this blog! It’s all thanks to my precious baby boy that I started this blog in the first place 😍

Today I wanted to write about ‘generational astrology’. By that I mean to study the charts of the different generations in your family and how they compare to each other. This is one of the many things that I find (almost) the most interesting when thinking about astrology – the study of family charts! I’ve had the opportunity to study my son’s chart in comparison to mine, his father’s, as well as our parents’ and some of our grandparents’ charts. That’s four generations of birth charts! Sometimes when I’m studying family charts, I wonder if we inherit planetary positions as well as our genes…? Because, at least in our case, there’s a lot of similarities with planetary positions. For example, we all have The Moon in our first house in my side of the family, and now my son does as well. Now maybe that’s just coincidence of course… or, maybe it’s the intelligence of the universe at play??

Anyway, one benefit from sharing some of your planetary positions in your chart with those of your kids, is that you’re already familiar with that particular placement – you know which difficulties it might entail, which strengths, etc, and can more easily guide your kids through those things. For example, in my case with the Moon, I already know that that might entail higher sensitivity to the feelings of the people around you, more need for alone time, how important it is to feel accepted, and so on, which gives a lot more understanding from the get-go when it comes to my son. In this sense, I really consider astrology to be a wondrous aid in creating understanding between the people in our lives (not just limited to family, but also when it comes to friends).

I’ve seen similarities with other family charts as well, but also those where the kids are quite different from their parents and where that could also be seen in their charts. This is definitely something I’ll continue to focus on as I study more family charts!

Cosmic greetings 💫


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