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Today I thought I’d go over some fundamentals about the South Indian style chart, which is the one that I’m using. I find it’s easier to get an overview of the planetary sign rulerships than with the North Indian chart (but maybe that’s just me). Here’s how they look:

Okay, so the left is an example of a South Indian chart, and the right is a North Indian style. In the South style, the signs always remain in the same place, you just rotate the house numbers. In the North style, the houses are always the same, but you rotate the signs (and therefore also which ‘place’ the planets rule), the first house is marked with the number one, and that square will always be the first house, no matter which sign. In the South style chart, the planets will always rule the same squares where they are, and so I find it’s easier to get an overview.

If your ascendant is Leo, then Leo becomes your first house, Virgo the second house, Libra the third, and so on in a clockwise manner. If your ascendant is Sagittarius, then that sign becomes your first house, Capricorn becomes the second house, and so on. The planets rule two signs each, except for the Sun and Moon, who each rule one sign. So, for the Leo ascendant, the Sun will rule the first house and the Moon will rule over the twelfth house, while for the Sagittarius ascendant Moon will rule the eight house and Sun rules the ninth house.

Hope this made sense!

I also have an Instagram post about this:

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