full moon in rohini taurus november 27 2023

Full moon in Rohini November 27 2023

Full moon in Rohini
Monday, November 27th, 10:15 CET, 10° Taurus ♉︎

«Aspected by Mars, on the same day that Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Heated emotions and strong opinions!»

This full moon will be in the nakshatra Rohini, that fully resides within earthy Taurus, Moon’s sign of strength. Rohini, ‘the red one’, or also called ‘the star of ascent’, is a nakshatra where we long to manifest beauty into this world and where our attachments to material things begins to grow.

The symbol for this nakshatra is an ox cart, showing the strength and dedication to our endeavors that can be seen here. Another symbol that is linked to this nakshatra is that of a temple, showing the innate appreciation for life and sense of devotion that can be found in this nakshatra. There is much inspiration and a following rise of creative ideas that could be seen during the full moon in Rohini.

The deity linked to this nakshatra is Prajapati, an earlier form of lord Brahma, the god of creation. Prajapati denotes fertility and the fulfillment of our desires, supplying abounding creative potential. These qualities also points to the shadow side of Rohini, which can be a materialistic and over-indulgent nature.

The planetary ruler of this nakshatra is the Moon, and as Rohini lies within Venus’s sign of Taurus, there is a combined influence these planetary energies that influences this full moon. The moon shows our inner longing for safety and connectivity, and combined with the influence of Venus, our longing for emotional security can become linked with our sense of material security with this nakshatra. Moon and Venus both has the ability to create a peaceful, inspired mind, as well as a tendency for complacency or over-indulgence on the other hand.

The full moon will be aspected by Mars, currently transiting Scorpio, and in the midst of a long cycle of combustion. This means that the full moon can be a time of heated emotions and we might also experience our temper running high and a sense of restlessness during this time. The full moon will also take place on the very same day that Mercury transits into Sagittarius, adding to the potential restlessness and firing up our beliefs and opinions. Mercury’s transit can provide both a sense of feeling inspired and motivated, as well as a chance to review our goals and leave old beliefs in the past.

Questions for reflection:

❧ If could manifest anything I wanted, what would I wish to create?

❧ Am I experiencing a change in my desires? Am I seeking a new path forward?

❧ In what situations or circumstances am I having trouble maintaining my peace of mind?

❧ What can I do to increase my level of peace?

Am I able to take pause and appreciate the little things in life? (the beauty of a flower, the song of a bird..)

Happy full moon! 🌕

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