full moon in uttara bhadrapada september 2023

Full Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada September 2023

Full Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada
Friday September 29th, 11:57 CET, 11° Pisces ♓︎

«Aspected by Mars»

➳ The last full moon before the eclipse season begins! As this chapter is drawing to a close, what issues or situations are you ready to let go off and put behind you?

Uttara Bhadrapada, ‘the warrior star’

This full moon will be in the nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada, that fully resides within the watery sign of Pisces. Uttara Bhadrapada, ‘the latter lucky feet’, often also called ‘the warrior star’, is a nakshatra of seclusion, spiritual attainment and beginning the process of relinquishing worldly ambition and surrendering the wants of the ego.

The deity that resides here is Ahir Budnya, the serpent of the deep waters, putting an emphasis on pursuing deep, or occult, knowledge and searching for meaning throughout all of life’s mysteries. Uttara Bhadrapada is symbolized by the back legs of a funeral bed, which makes up the second half of the symbol that spans from Purva Bhadra and into Uttara Bhadra nakshatra. The funeral bed could be seen as a symbol for allowing our earthly desires to fall away or the need for seclusion.

Another symbol for this nakshatra is a man with two faces, showing either the strife from two different worlds pulling our attention at the same time, or the desire to do everything at once before eventually making peace with our path. It could also show a difficulty with showing our true nature, where we are keeping up a facade rather than showing our true face.

Uttara Bhadrapada is ruled by Saturn and as it is located within Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, there’s a combination of these planets influencing this nakshatra. Saturn brings a certain seriousness and determination, cutting away anything nonessential and making us face the truth of our situation. Jupiter as the ruler of the sign calls us to find our spirituality, seek higher wisdom and to look for a higher purpose. These two giants together can bring forth a dedicated or urgent search for meaning and spiritual inclinations.

The full moon will be aspected by Mars, providing us with the courage and strength necessary to really look deep and facing the truth without hesitation. Take some time this full moon to contemplate or meditate on what things have run their course and no longer serves a purpose. Am I holding on to something that I need to release? Are there aspects of my behaviour/commitments/beliefs that I need to let go off?

This full moon feels significant as its the last full moon before the eclipse season of this fall begins, leading to mind to think about the closing of a chapter or the end of a cycle. This feeling is also heightened by the fact that the nodes are moving closer and closer to changing signs, which will happen after the eclipse cycle has passed, in November.

Questions for reflection:

❧ Is there any aspect of my life has to ‘die’ in order for me to close a chapter and begin anew?

❧ Do I have attachments that I’m having trouble letting go off? Am I able to view the situation with truth and clarity?

❧ Do I feel comfortable showing my true self in all the different areas of my life? If not, why do I feel the need to hide aspects of myself?

❧ Am I creating enough space and time to pursue subjects or studies that interest me? Allowing myself the time to immerse myself in things that sparks my imagination and awakens my sense of wonder?

Happy full moon!

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