new moon in uttara phalguni leo september 2023

New Moon in Uttara Phalguni September 15th, 2023

Friday September 15th, 03:39 CET, 27° Leo ♌︎

New moon aspected by Jupiter and Saturn, on the same day that Mercury turns direct

This New Moon will be in the nakshatra Uttara Phalguni, ‘the latter red one’, in the sign of Leo. Uttara Phalguni, also called ‘the star of patronage’, extends from Leo into Virgo, and is the nakshatra that transforms regal fire into practical earth.

Just like Leo, this nakshatra is also ruled by the Sun, highlighting the qualities of honor, duty and inner truth, but changing the focus from that of following our creative joy or inner truth, to how we can incorporate those into our daily practices while being of service to our families and communities. In this nakshatra we are taking the creative ideas from Leo and beginning the process of transforming them into practical actions in Virgo.

The deity that resides here is Aryaman the god of kindness. He is a god of righteousness, honor, duty and grace, and is also the god that governs the different kinds of social contracts that we enter into, both in business as well as personal relationships or marriages. Be conscious about what you initiate during this New Moon, as it holds an increased influence of long-term commitment and dedication, but also success, should you decide to stick with it.

The symbols for this nakshatra are the back legs of a cot or a bed, of which the front legs are the symbol for the previous nakshatra Purva Phalguni and together they form the four legs of a bed, a symbol of rest and rejuvenation.

This new moon will also be directly aspected Saturn as well as the receiving the special aspect of Jupiter, both currently in their retrograde cycles in Aquarius and Aries respectively. These powerful aspects call for careful consideration and reflection in all our undertakings and making sure our affairs are in order. If we are burning the candle at both end or failing to keep up with our work load, this can be a time for re-thinking and re-prioritizing our commitments. The influences of these retrogrades call us to see to the balance between being of service and following our inner fire.

The new moon will also take place on the same day that Mercury stations direct in the sign of Leo as well. Mercury will be extra potent during this time, providing an added focus on all things under its influence, such as our speech, reflective abilities and our inner narrator. Perhaps begin this moon cycle with writing down your ideas and desired goals, in order to get really clear on your vision.

This can also be a good time to take note of limiting beliefs or outdated notions we may hold about ourselves which hinder our progress and begin the process of replacing them with useful, positive thoughts that support our growth. Increasing our awareness of our daily thought patterns, most of which are operating on autopilot, is a great way of implementing any changes we wish to make, as our mind can be both our greatest obstacle as well as our best ally.

Questions for reflection:

What is my vision for my future? What are my short term goals? Where would I wish to see myself in the long run? If I were to be as precise as possible.

Do I spend my energy wisely? Am I feeding my energy into the ‘right’ things?

Am I properly motivated in taking my ideas to the next level?

Do my commitments provide me with a sense of purpose and usefulness, or is there any changes I wish to make?

How can I support myself in maintaining a positive mind, and calling out my inner critic?

New Moon blessings!

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