PLANETARY TRANSITS for september 2023

Planetary transits for September 2023

Planetary transits for September

Six planets in their retrograde cycles Sep 1-15
Venus turns direct in Cancer Sep 4
Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries Sep 4
Rahu Gandanta in Aries Sep 14
New Moon in Leo Sep 15
Mercury direct in Leo Sep 15
Sun in Virgo Sep 17
Full Moon in Pisces Sep 29

As we moved through August, the focus intensified on the retrograde cycles which we are currently operating under. By the time Mercury stationed retrograde at the end of the month, almost all of the inner planets were in their retrograde cycles. From an astrological perspective, this feels like a time when we’re ultimately being called to slow down, revise our commitments and align with the truth in our hearts, and the ultimate goals we are striving to manifest, as well as letting go of all the things that no longer feels aligned with our purpose.

This month continues this theme of retrogrades and by the time we enter into the month of September, we will have a total of six planets in their retrograde cycles. This is especially prominent during the first half of September, before Venus and then Mercury stations direct on September 15th.

Six planets in their retrograde cycles September 1st-15th

Any time planets are in their retrograde cycles is a time when we are being called to slow down, take pause and re-assess the areas pertaining to the planet in question. Everything in life flows through these cycles, of inspiration, action, pause and contemplation, providing us opportunities to revise and re-adjust course before implementing a new plan of action.

The beginning of September feels especially significant, as there will be a grand total of six planets going through their retrograde cycle, where almost every area of our lives is under the microscope. This is a time for reflecting on how our journey is unfolding, where we might be out of alignment, or if we wish to change the direction we are currently moving in. It can also be a time where, if we’ve been exceeding our energy limit, perhaps working more than we should or taking on too many commitments, this can start to catch up, urging us to revise our priorities. How can we create a life of balance, in any of these areas?

Venus turns direct in Cancer September 4th

On September 4th, Venus stations direct at 18° Cancer, slowly starting to gain speed yet again and infusing our relationships with new energy and a sense of moving forward again. As Venus moves through the second half of Cancer once more, we can feel some of the questions or issues that might’ve arisen for us during its retrograde cycle start to resolve. This can be a good time for looking toward common ground, focusing on appreciation and holding the desired vision for our relationships in mind as we begin a new chapter. This is especially true in October, when Venus has passed over its previous retrogression degrees, moving on into a new future.

Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries September 4th

On the same day that Venus stations direct, Jupiter will begin its retrograde cycle in the sign of Aries, calling us to revise our individual expression, personal beliefs and ideas. When Jupiter turns retrograde its a time for looking to and revisiting our teachings, beliefs and the spiritual practices that we adhere to. With the influence of Aries, this pertains especially to our individual way of practicing and incorporating our teachings in our daily life. This can also be a time of realizing we no longer feel aligned with or connected to the same teachings, or that beliefs we previously held to be true no longer resonate. This time of re-evaluation and reflection could be a time of releasing stagnant beliefs or a starting point for leading us onto a new path or of new truths unfolding.

Rahu Gandanta in Aries September 14

On September 14th, Rahu will move backwards over the first degree in Aries, which means that it will move into the Gandanta position between 29° of Pisces and 1° of Aries. The nodes are always moving in this counter-clockwise manner in the astrological chart, moving backwards through the zodiac. This is why in the stories of Rahu and Ketu, they are said to be responsible for the upholding of time as we know it. Rahu and Ketu are forces of illusion and confusion, often described as forces of fate and destiny, so when Rahu moves into Gandanta, or the ‘karmic knot’, this can be a time of time of ‘fated’ events and huge (unexpected) shifts. Gandanta is often referred to as a point of ‘losing control’, so in this case, it can pertain to events or desires coming into effect that feels out of our control.

Look to your own astrological chart to see where this shift is taking place for you, individually, and what area of your life might be affected. This is the beginning of the shift that is coming this fall, when Rahu and Ketu changes signs, from Aries/Libra into Pisces/Virgo.

Sun in Virgo September 17th

Sun moves into Virgo on September 17th, ushering in the beginning of Virgo season. Happy birthday all Virgo Suns! (Myself included). This season puts the spotlight on personal motivation, doing our due diligence and looking to our physical health and wellbeing. This can be a great time for establishing new routines or cleaning up our diets, or even getting through some of those tedious tasks we’ve been putting off. Anything that aids us in creating more organization and optimization within our work flow is at the forefront here.

When Sun moves into Virgo, both the fiery forces – Sun and Mars – will be in this sign, bringing fiery drive and ambition into dual earth in Virgo. Virgo is the original sixth house that deals with service, health and enemies, so these potent fiery influences here also has the potential to fire up our convictions, ambitions and our selectiveness. This can be a time for asking yourself; what am I really working for? Where am I truly willing and motivated to put in the effort needed to succeed? May the Sun and Mars infuse us with the necessary drive and passion to see our projects thrive!

To end this update, I will say, use the cosmic energies this month to catch up with tasks, reflect on your progress and look to correct any things that currently feel out of alignment. With so many retrogrades happening, this is perhaps a month best utilized for introspection rather than launching a bunch of new ideas and the development of new projects; look instead to tie up any loose ends in your current undertakings.

All the best wishes for the month!

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