full moon in shatabisha august 2023

Full Moon in Shatabisha August 2023

Full Moon in Shatabisha
Thursday August 31st, 03:35 CET, 13° Aquarius ♒︎

Conjunct retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (only 5 degrees apart) and aspected by retrograde Mercury!

This full moon will be in Shatabisha nakshatra in the sign of Aquarius. Shatabisha translates to ‘the hundred physicians’, and is also referred to as ‘the veiling star’, hinting at the search for deep, mystical knowledge that can be seen here. This is also shown by its symbol; a circle with no midpoint, a symbol that gives rise to thoughts of vastness, diving into an unknown with no end in sight and the idea of perpetuity and the cyclicality of our existence.

The circle holds great divine importance in all the major doctrines, as the circle is considered a manifestation of perfection, or divine creation. Another symbol for Shatabisha is a thousand-petal flower, a symbol associated with the crown chakra and of awakening to the divine within. A fully activated crown chakra indicates that an awakening of the kundalini energy has begun.

The deity linked to Shatabisha is Varuna, the god of rain, showing the process of emotional maturation and healing abilities that can be seen here, often brought about as a result of overcoming life’s struggles, which in turn nudges the individual toward their spiritual journey.

Shatabisha is ruled by Rahu, the north node of the moon, and as the full moon will be in Saturn’s sign of Aquarius, there’s a combined influence of Rahu’s and Saturn’s energy that operates here. These two, somewhat opposing, forces can produce a conflicting energy, torn between material aspirations on the one hand, and the shedding of illusions and worldly attachments on the other. Ultimately the unstoppable zeal of Rahu is directed toward spiritual development and the search for a meaningful quest that is the main goal of this nakshatra.

Shatabisha is really about shedding illusions in pursuit of the highest truth, as seen by the primary motivation of Shatabisha which is Dharma, righteousness. In order to pursue our highest truth, there has to be a preceding collapse of all material illusions, which is what this nakshatra leads the soul toward, on its path to illumination.

The full moon will also be closely conjunct retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (only five degrees apart), making the influence of Saturn’s energy all the more prominent, potentially dampening some the natural luster of the bright moon. Saturn’s influence calls for a seriousness around all the themes surrounding this full moon, and might even make us more inclined to look for moments of seclusion than we otherwise would have on a full moon, when the energy is naturally more extroverted.

The full moon will also be aspected by retrograde Mercury, calling us to take pause for reflection and aligning our head with our hearts, making sure our emotions are aligned with our beliefs and vice versa. This can be a great time for assessing our emotional attitudes toward the major areas in our lives and making sure we’re on the right course.

Some questions for reflection this full moon:

❧ Do I have attachments that are weighing me down or hindering my progress?

❧ Is there something in me that needs healing right now? How am I taking care of my energy?

❧ Are my emotions mirroring my beliefs? Or do they indicate that something is out of alignment?

❧ Am I pursuing goals that feel meaningful and worthwhile? Are they meaningful for people other than myself?

Happy full moon! 🌕

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