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In the previous post about this, I wrote about the connection between chakras and their link to our physiology, specifically our hormonal glands, you can find this post here. Now I’d like to dive a bit deeper into how the planets link to the each of the chakras by their exaltation/debilitation positions respectively. I added some images to hopefully help portray what I’m talking about. Using the South Indian style birth chart, the chakras could be laid out as following: (image 1 & 3 below)

Image 1: Chakras and their corresponding planets/signs
Image 2: Chakras and corresponding glands
Image 3: Chakra overview with South Indian chart

I’ve recently been (re-)reading through a few notes saying how the exalted positions would ultimately describe a state of optimal flow, or optimal state of balance, in each of the chakras and added to this my own understanding of these positions. Likewise, the debilitated positions of the planets would, in the same manner, suggest conditions which might offer difficulties or challenges regarding the energy state in each of the chakras. There is probably loads more to be said, and a myriad of opposing views on this, but this is what I found resonates best with me and my understanding of this (so far – you never cease to learn!). First off, here’s a look at the planets in each of their exalted/debilitated positions:

Now, this is the way I would describe the exaltation positions in each chakra, in short terms: (see image below)

🔴 Mars is exalted in Capricorn, in the Root Chakra, providing power and protecting our energy and making sure of the body’s physical safety.
🟠 Venus is exalted in Pisces, in the Sacral Chakra, where we feel at ease, playful, passionate and creative.
🟡 Sun is exalted in Aries, in the Solar Plexus Chakra, heightening our sense of personal power and autority, helping us shouldering our responsibilities and stay true to our path and purpose.
🟢 Moon and Saturn are exalted in Taurus/Libra, in the Heart Chakra, providing protection to our innermost core and turning our vulnerabilities into strengths so that we can have long-lasting emotional connections.
🔵 Mercury is exalted in Virgo, in the Throat Chakra, aiding our communication and making us perceptive to our surroundings.
🟣 Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, in our Third Eye, leading us toward the path of wisdom and heightening our intuition, calling us to seek a spiritual connection and helping us open up to the higher realms.

Exaltation signs of each planet in their respective chakras

In the same manner, I would describe the debilitated positions in this way:

🔴 Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, in the Root Chakra, where it becomes more practical and materialic rather than philosophically oriented, or struggles to see things from a higher perspective.
🟠 Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, in the Sacral Chakra, where we can have difficulty with structuring our thoughts or seeing the entire picture, or where the mind tends to wander.
🟡 Moon and Saturn are debilitated in Scorpio/Aries, in the Solar Plexus Chakra which can lead to self-doubt, a strong inner critic, internal pressure, insecurity or inability to take action or excert our self-will.
🟢 Sun is debilitated in Libra, in the Heart Chakra, where we can have trouble compromising, lose our sense of purpose, have a tendency to give away our power, or seeking power outside of ourselves.
🔵 Venus is debilitated in Virgo, in the Throat Chakra, where we can become obsessive over details, perfectionist, seek outside validation or have issues around self-love or self-respect.
🟣 Mars is debilitated in Cancer, in the Third Eye, where we can have trouble internalizing and harmonizing our emotions, become too insensitive or deflective and unwilling to look within.

Debilitation signs of each planet in their respective chakras

By proxy, I imagine then that this correlation would extend to include the chakras’ links to our endocrine glands, and provide indications as to their state of efficiency as well. For example, for someone who has Saturn in Libra, it might also indicate that this person has a strong Thymus or a strong innate immunity, whereas someone with Saturn in Aries might have a tendency for the energy to become stagnant around the Pancreas. These are my own interpretations and only meant to paint a highly simplified overview of this topic, and of course, as with everything else; nothing in astrology is ever black and white, there is always nuances, lots of factors to take into account and each and every position comes with its own sets of challenges (even the exalted positions).

As I said in my previous post on this subject; this is such a vast and complicated topic and there’s a ton of opposing views and lots to be said, but I hope you found my take on this interesting and I might do even more posts on this in the future!

Cosmic greetings! 🖖

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