New Moon in Mula December 23

New Moon in Mula 7° Sagittarius ♐︎

Friday December 23, 11:16 CET, 7° Sagittarius

This intense New Moon in Mula, ‘the root’, represents going deep, coming to terms with what needs to be let go and seeking that which inspires us.

Mula ‘the foundation star’

Mula, called ‘the foundation star’, resides entirely within the sign of Sagittarius and is the first nakshatra after the turbulent crossing between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The symbol for this nakshatra is a root, the name Mula actually means ‘root’, really highlighting the need to get to the root of things. This is a highly transformational nakshatra, in the sense that Mula is all about getting to the bottom of things, and letting go of anything that is not in alignment.

The deity linked with Mula is the goddess of destruction Nirriti, adding to the transformational power of this nakshatra. Nirriti is a destructive goddess that aids us in destroying what is blocking our path to our highest potential, clearing internal or external blockages, but also keeping us humble and in a state of surrender.

The planetary ruler here is Ketu, adding to the cutting and no-nonsense energy of this nakshatra, getting back to the core and focusing our intentions on what is truly important. This nakshatra can also be intense and can make us quite forceful in convictions and self-righteous, but the higher aim of this nakshatra is to keep us curious and open-minded, in alignment with the combined energy of Ketu and Jupiter, the ruler of the sign.

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With Jupiter now moving forward again in Pisces, maybe this is a good time to look over which ideals are driving us forward and which teachings we want to follow, to make sure they’re in alignment with our path. Though during this time I’d say it’s more beneficial to reflect inwardly over things relating to our teachings, ideals and purpose, rather than looking outside ourselves or making fast decisions.

This New Moon will also receive the special aspect of Mars, bringing a fiery energy of drive and purpose to this New Moon, but since Mars is compromised by its retrogression, we might feel more on edge and would be more benefitted by focusing this energy toward introspection and spiritual practices, which will help strengthen Mars’ quality of discipline.

Take some time this New Moon to meditate on your ideals, goals and the future visions that engage you and motivates you, and bring in the energy of Mars to turn those visions into practical actions that you can take to support your goals.

Some questions to reflect upon this New Moon:

❧ What goals and higher vision keep me inspired and moving forward right now?

❧ What potential blockages can I identify that stands in my way?

❧ Am I embodying my core values in every aspect of my life? Are my actions aligned with my beliefs?

❧ What can I do to make room for more of what inspires me in my life?

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny. ∼ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

New Moon blessings!

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