Full moon in rohini

Full Moon in Rohini 21° Taurus ♉︎

Thursday December 8, 05:07 CET, 21° Taurus

Powerful Full Moon almost exactly conjunct retrograde Mars, firing up our desires and making emotions run hot.

Rohini ‘the star of ascent’

This Full Moon will be in the nakshatra Rohini, the growing one, residing entirely within the sign of Taurus, Moon’s sign of strength. Rohini, also called ‘the star of ascent’, is a nakshatra that embodies our attachment to material possessions and our longing to create beautiful things as well as our (physical) desires.

The planetary ruler of this nakshatra is the Moon, showing our inner longing for safety and connectivity, within the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, putting a link between emotional and material security with this nakshatra. The deity that resides here is Prajapati, an earlier form of Brahma, the creator, showing the desire for physical experiences and of manifesting ones desires in the material world, something that also points to the shadow side of Rohini, which can be a materialistic and over-indulgent nature.

The symbol for Rohini is an ox cart, which shows the strength and endurance with which we work toward our goals and tend to our creations. Here we find a strong desire for initiating new projects and immersing ourselves in creative outlets, and this Full Moon can really spark the desire for creating new ideas.

This Full Moon in Taurus will be almost exactly conjunct retrograde Mars, so we can likely expect emotions to run hot during this powerful and fiery Full Moon! Take note of your emotions during the Full Moon or do some meditation or mindfulness exercises that you prefer to stay centered. The conjunction with Mars could also provide the necessary means to courageously look inward, deal with all and any emotions that need integrating and to let go of what needs to be released. Self-reflection and deep emotional work is actually highly benefited by Mars, as these are processes that needs both courage and discipline, two of Mars’ most prominent qualities.

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Some questions for reflection:

❧ Is there something I have been longing to create, but not yet got around to?

❧ Am I following the true desires of my heart? What ignites my inner fire?

❧ If not, what can I release that is currently blocking my way forward?

Follow your bliss!

Happy Full Moon!

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