planetary transits for december 2022

Planetary transits for December 2022

Planetary transits for December 2022

❧ Mercury in Sagittarius Dec 3
❧ Neptune direct in Aquarius Dec 4
❧ Venus in Sagittarius Dec 5
❧ Full Moon Taurus Dec 8
❧ Sun in Sagittarius Dec 16
❧ New Moon in Sagittarius Dec 23
❧ Mercury in Capricorn Dec 28
❧ Mercury retrograde in Capricorn Dec 29
❧ Venus in Capricorn Dec 29

Last month a lot of planets were put to the test, where our communication, relationships, temperament, and perhaps even our subconscious, was put through the wringer. To say that these last couple of weeks has been an emotional roller-coaster feels almost like an understatement. Now we’re entering this month on what feels like a new chapter, which was ushered in as the last New Moon in November brought us out of the eclipse season. This coincidentally also occurred as Jupiter turned direct after a time of retrograde, bringing with it a sense of moving forward with new hope and inspiration.

Mars continues its retrograde journey through Taurus

However, we might still be feeling the extra level of stress put on Mars, as it will continue on its retrograde cycle all throughout this month as well, putting our patience and our composure to the test.

Mercury in Sagittarius December 3rd

December begins with Mercury entering the fiery sign of Sagittarius, drawing our minds toward new (old) teachings and looking for new inspiration. Mercury here wants to expand its horizons, seeking higher inspiration and bringing out our inner curiosity. With Mercury here, this is also leads my mind toward expanding our horizons through travelling and visiting new places.

Venus in Sagittarius December 5th

Venus follows just after Mercury, moving into Sagittarius on December 5th, bringing a more fiery energy into our relationships as well. Venus here can bring out both passion as well as playfulness within our relationships, or, if you’re single, this could mean a more flirtatious energy and an eagerness to meet new people. While in Sagittarius, Venus can also make us feel more inspired in our longing to express ourselves creatively, making us want to create art, sing or dance, so this could be a creative month for all of you who are artistically bent!

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Mercury retrograde in Capricorn December 29th

On December 28th, Mercury will continue its journey into the sign of Capricorn, only to turn retrograde before even reaching one degree. To me this feels like a call to re-evaluate any practical applications to our beliefs before taking further action, to re-assess all that we think that we know and to remain humble before all the mysteries of this world that are yet to be revealed to us. Mercury here would ask us to make sure that our actions out in the practical world are firmly grounded and aligned with our core beliefs and values before taking further action.

This Mercury retrograde cycle could provide a chance to evaluate whether our actions are taking us closer to our true source of inspiration, or whether we are following directions or ideas that stem from real, or imagined, expectations put upon us by ourselves or others. Perhaps we are following a path that we in reality no longer wish to follow and need to correct course.

As this occurs in the practical and ambitious sign of Capricorn, this is likely to bring up ideas or convictions we may have about what our work, society or the world at large is supposed to be like – and how we might want to re-align those so that they become more aligned with our core beliefs.

Venus in Capricorn December 29th

Venus will move into Capricorn on December 29th, closing in on an exact conjunction with mighty Pluto on January 1st, making for some deep, transformational energies surrounding our relationships. Venus, the planet of love with Pluto, planet of attachments, could bring forth hidden fears and attachments within our relationships, or could lead to some heated arguments on new year’s day, so be mindful of this.

As my final words this month, I will say, if you’re still dealing with emotional turmoil from last month’s disruptive transits, this month could be a time of healing and a time to focus on creating space for yourself and allow yourself to just be. This month comes with a more hopeful outlook on things and we may feel more easily inspired with Venus in Sagittarius, so use these energies to express your creativity and follow your joy and do more of what naturally inspires you!

I wish you a blessed December!

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