Rahu & Ketu transiting natal planet

What does it mean when Rahu & Ketu transit over a planet in your chart?

On March 17th Rahu ☊ and Ketu ☋ changed signs into Aries and Libra, and in the spirit of the nodes transiting the chart, I thought I’d share my take on what it means when Rahu and Ketu pass over a planet in the natal chart.

Okey, first of all, Rahu and Ketu are the eclipse points of the Moon, where either the Full Moon gets encased in shadow, or in the case of a New Moon, the Sun gets eclipsed from the earth’s view. In both cases, there’s a shadow enclosing the luminaries (either the Moon or the Sun) meaning there is something hidden from view; something we’re not seeing clearly.

However, the fact that the luminaries get encased in shadow and then emerge into view again could also indicate something that has been hidden from us that are now surfacing; something from the shadow coming into light.

So when the nodes cross paths with a planet in your birth chart, usually something previously unknown to us are coming into light, this could be subconscious behaviors or patterns pertaining to what that planet indicates and depending on the house it’s in, or unresolved karma with that planet that emerges for us to deal with. The nodes in this way tends to make things more urgent and put more emphasis on the matters ruled by that planet.

Another layer to this is that when it comes to the nodes, there is often something from the past emerging (Ketu), or some deep desire (Rahu) that we may have been ignoring coming to light.

So let’s go into some more detail pertaining to each of the planets:

The nodes transiting natal Sun
Issues around confidence and self-reliance, are you living your life in your highest potential, in your power? Can push you toward walking your true path. Could bring shifts in energy level and vitality.

The nodes transiting natal Moon
Past emotional trauma resurfacing, or putting emphasis on ways to heal emotional patterns. This can also give rise to issues around ways we feel connected in our lives; do we feel loved and do we feel supported?

The nodes transiting natal Mars
Can bring up issues around anger, discipline and courage. Resentments coming into light or awareness of where we need to apply more discipline. Are we standing up for our beliefs?

The nodes transiting natal Mercury
Here we should be careful with our communication, the nodes transiting Mercury can change the story we tell ourselves, about who we are and what we like, and make us want to change our story.

The nodes transiting natal Jupiter
Shifts in faith or beliefs, or the knowledge we pursue. Old teachings resurfacing. Changes pertaining to our children.

The nodes transiting natal Venus
Changes in our love life or relationships, old relationships resurfacing or new flames ignited. Indecision, or feeling unappreciated. Hidden desires coming to light.

The nodes transiting natal Saturn
Tiredness of old routines, determination faltering. Letting go of things we no longer feel dedicated to work for. Unresolved karma or past life karma surfacing.

The nodes transiting natal nodes
A feeling of something being fated to happen, fated changes, destiny pushing us in new directions. Sudden, unplanned changes. Lessons pushing us toward new spiritual heights.

The details would of course also change depending on which house and sign the planet in question is located in.

𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬! ✨

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