Rahu & Ketu changes signs

𝑹𝒂𝒉𝒖 & 𝑲𝒆𝒕𝒖 𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒔 𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏𝒔!

On March 17th, the nodes of the Moon, Rahu ☊ and Ketu ☋ finally changes signs! After 1,5 years in Taurus and Scorpio, they move into the signs of Aries and Libra, where they will remain until November 2023 (using true node placements).

Rahu and Ketu are in fact the eclipse points of the Moon, where the luminaries get enfolded in shadow; showing our blind spots and shadow patterns in the astrological chart. The nodes in this manner can even show subconscious behaviours and patterns. Where the nodes are located in the chart also shows where we feel mental unrest or suffer from blocks that keep us from seeing something clearly.

Rahu shows the focus point and drive for gathering new experiences, while Ketu shows already conquered territory, or past experiences. This is also why Rahu often shows our obsessions, especially concerning material things, while Ketu is where we let go of worldly things and attachments. Nothing pulls our attention as much as Rahu, it is said to be many times stronger in that sense than any other planet in the chart.

Rahu & Ketu changes signs
Rahu & Ketu changes signs!

In a general sense, when the nodes transit through Aries and Libra, the focus will be on the polarities between personal attainment and compromise for the sake of relationship happiness. While Rahu has been in Taurus, the focus was on emotional and material stability (interesting to consider in the light of the past 1,5 years) and now the focus will shift toward individual goals and putting forth our creative energy into manifestation, generally speaking.

So what does it mean for each individual sign specifically? Here’s a quick recap of all twelve signs:

For Aries ascendants the process of individuation and self reliance will be extra powerful, because for you this will happen in the first house of self and seventh house of relationships! You may feel reluctant to compromise during this time, and more interested in self-development. If there is something that has been pulling your attention that you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off, this will likely become more in focus now!

For Taurus ascendants or Moons, this transit will bring a focus on spiritual growth and selfless action. With Rahu in the twelfth, you might have an increasingly active dream life now, and past memories surfacing. Ketu in the sixth house can make you oblivious to health matters, or very peculiar about what you eat, take extra care to rest and eat well during this transit.

For Geminis this will bring extra focus on social circles, pursuing your dreams and those things pertaining to the eleventh house with Rahu there. With Ketu in the fifth, this will mean you’re more selective with what you do for fun, and if you have children, you might be getting a heightened intuition concerning them now.

For Cancer rising or Moon, this transit will happen with Ketu in your fourth house of home, security and emotional state, and there is something in that area, such as past memories or emotions, that will need attention. Maybe something from the past that will surface that needs healing, or you’ll make some changes in your home. Rahu in the tenth will pull your attention toward your career and your work, and there could be some developments there.

For Leo ascendants, there will be a pull toward higher learning, long-distance travel or spiritual attainment, with Rahu in the ninth house of higher learning and religion. Your personal interests will be more in the background with Ketu in the third house of interests, and you might be more conscientious about how you spend your free time, you’ll have nothing to spare for unnecessary information and you may watch less news.

For Virgos, this might be a time of economic constraint and less of an interest in material things with Ketu in the second house of money, and a time of transformative events with Rahu in the eight house of changes and emotional unrest. This could also mean that there are some unresolved issues surfacing or big changes on the horizon.

For Libra ascendant or Moon, this can mean a time of self-sacrifice, and you might feel a constriction in your energy level. With Rahu in the seventh house of relationships, the focus will be on relationship happiness, and you may be more willing to compromise your own ideas for the sake of the peace and calm of your relationships. This could also mean a beginning of a relationship.

For Scorpio rising or Moon, this will be a time to focus on your health, diet and routines with Rahu in the sixth house of health. This can also be a time of spiritual growth, and healing past events. Your intuition may be stronger, and your sleep may be more disturbed with Ketu in the twelfth house of sleep.

For Sagittarius ascendants this is a time of pursuing your creativity or new ideas, and if you have children they may be more in focus with Rahu transiting the fifth house of creativity and children and a time where old friends may be reappearing, or you’ll be more picky about which social engagements you take part in and this will be a time of less social activity, kith Ketu in the eleventh house of friends.

For Capricorn ascendants, there will be a focus on your home, emotions and sense of security with Rahu in the forth house of emotions, while Ketu transits through your tenth house of career, leading to less attention being placed here, or wanting to change your work.

For Aquarius ascendants or Moon, Rahu’s transit will take place in your third house of interests and travel, bringing an increased pull toward these things, and this may be a time of lots of communication and studying as well. Ketu transits through your ninth house, where you may feel a higher need for spiritual inspiration, or teachings from the past coming into your life.

For Pisces rising there might be an increased focus on money and material security, with Rahu in your second house, you may find a new way of earning money or growing your income. While Ketu transits through your eighth house of transformation and emotional turmoil, there can be issues from the past, or issues around fear coming to light that needs resolving.

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