Vedic astrology planetary transits

Vedic astrology planetary transits – six planets in their own signs!

Six planets in their own signs on July 2nd! ☾

On July 2nd, there will be as many as six planets at home in their own signs!

On this day Mars will be in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini, Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter at home in Pisces.

Considering that this includes the giants Jupiter and Saturn, this is an unusual transit, seeing as Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one cycle through the zodiac, and Saturn goes through an even longer journey of 29 years.

Six planets in their own sings vedic astrology

When a planet is in its own sign, there is a sense of stability and strength because the planet is in its own element and knows how to operate within its own sign. This gets even more potent with a total of six planets transiting their own signs!

This will only last for just under 24 hours, between 07:00 July 2nd and 03:00 July 3rd (CET), when Mercury has moved into Gemini, before the Moon changes signs into Leo, but this window is a perfect opportunity to use the energy to manifest what it is that you want to create, so take the time to meditate, write or visualize your desires during this time!

Many blessings!✨

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