new moon in swati

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Swati 7° Libra ♎︎

Tuesday October 25, 13:00 CET, 7° Libra

Putting the spotlight on our relationships and our ability to compromise.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Swati 7° Libra
Ketu the south node
Conjunction with Venus, the ruler of Libra
Swati ‘the independent’
The Solar Eclipse meaning for each sign

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Swati 7° Libra

This New Moon will fall in the sign of Libra, in the nakshatra Swati, the independent one. There will be quite a turbulent energy to this New Moon, as it will also be a solar eclipse, where the Sun and Moon conjoin the south node, Ketu, blocking out the light of the Sun from our view. This phenomenon happens when the Sun and Moon align on these eclipse points, which is what the nodes of the Moon really are and why they are often referred to as the ‘shadow planets’ – as they are responsible for encasing the luminaries in shadow.

Yet, the darkening phase only lasts for a short while and that another important thing about eclipses is that they also bring the luminaries out of the shadow and into the light, bringing our focus on something from the shadow part of our mind or emotions into the light, meaning; into our awareness. Anything we shed light on also indicates something that is brought into our awareness. Read more about what it means for your sign here.

Ketu the south node

Mythologically, Ketu is symbolized the (headless) body of a demon, who lost its head (signified by Rahu, the north node) when it was beheaded for trying to steel the nectar of life in story of the creation of time. Ketu, represented by the headless body of a snake, indicates that which is unknown; what we cannot see, as it is a body without eyes and therefore blind. Rahu, the head separated from its body on the other hand, pertains more to issues dealing with the mind, our (unclear) thoughts and insatiable desires.

When the eclipses occur on the Ketu side of the nodal axis, this brings up issues from our shadow self, meaning unknown patterns or the subconscious. This often pertains to our emotions and deep, and often concealed, behavioral patterns. In the sign of Libra, this can surface unresolved issues around our love life and our relationships.

Ketu is the spiritually inclined of the nodes, often said to be the most spiritual influence out of all the planets, and indicates the final liberation and total summary of our experiences. Whenever Ketu is involved, there’s always an element of liberating us from anything hindering our spiritual development or keeping us caught up in the material aspect of life. This is why Ketu is often described as a denying force, keeping us from our worldly desires so that we might seek to fill those needs through spiritual means instead.

new moon in swati
New Moon in close conjunction with Venus, the ruler of Libra

Aside from the conjunction with the south node and subsequent solar eclipse, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Swati will also be in close conjunction with Venus (less than one degree apart). Venus has been transiting within close proximity to the Sun since October 18th, resulting in a phenomenon called 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐛𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, where said planet gets too close to the burning rays of the Sun.

This is even more significant since Venus is also the ruler of the sign where the combustion takes place, adding even more focus on our relationships and putting them under scrutiny. During this transit we might become more prone to irritation or restlessness, with Venus under pressure. Try to keep a calm mind and refrain from impulsive decisions or lashing out. This eclipse can bring up any discrepancies if we compromise with our soul’s desires and our relationships.

Swati ‘the independent’

Swati – ‘the independent’ – is symbolised by a tiny sprout, bending with the wind, representing flexibility and the ability to adapt to new circumstances, meaning that even in harsh times, Swati has the capability to adapt and endure. The deity that resides here is Vayu, the god of wind, bestowing the breath of life.

Vayu represents the wind, the air, what provides us with the vital life force, prana. During this turbulent eclipse there can be a strong benefit in calming your mind by doing breath work in combination with your meditation practice or just taking pause every now and then to be mindful of your breath.

Swati is ruled by Rahu, the north lunar node, signifying materialistic desires and illusions. In Swati nakshatra there’s a desire to create and experience things, and it can result in a restless or scattered energy. Swati also means ‘sword’ and much like the tarot’s Justice or Queen of swords, independence, balance and the need for righteous action is also seen here. The shadow side of Swati is getting caught up in materialistic or selfish desires, while the highest attributes of this nakshatra is righteousness and generosity.

Breathing exercises or mindful activities best during the eclipse

Swati is usually a beneficial influence for staring new projects or initiate new business contacts, but since there is an added influence of shadow and confusion during eclipses, it is probably best to postpone any new creative ideas or business projects until a few day after the eclipse. Instead, try to focus on keeping your mind and emotions calm during these days, either through meditation or breathing exercises, but be sure to keep a journal at hand, so that you can take note of any thoughts or notions that may rise, ready to evaluate once these turbulent energies have passed.

The eclipse on the Aries/Libra axis can surface emotions or attitudes we might have about our relationships, how we express our wants or needs, or how we balance our need to express our individuality with our ability to compromise, generally speaking. See the specific house placements for your sign below 👇 if you want to know what this might bring up for you individually!

The Solar Eclipse meaning for each sign

With this eclipse happening in your seventh house, this is a time of coming to terms with your ability to compromise, in your relationships or in general, and consider if there are any situations where you give your power away, or on the other hand, if there are times when you’re too individualistic and need to consider the wants and desires of those around you more. Follow your bliss, but also consider if there are consequences for your relationships and try to maintain balance between the two.

This transit in your sixth house can put more focus on how you manage your daily routines, exercise or diet. Make sure to take proper care of yourself, replenish and provide your body with nourishment. This could also indicate your dreams or sleep might be a little disturbed during these days, so perhaps be extra mindful of your sleeping habits. Consider how you’re being of service, are you giving away too much or not doing enough? What can you do to achieve balance between being of service while making sure your own needs are met?

The eclipse brings the focus to your fifth house of creativity, children and passion. This can surface realisations about your heart’s desire and how you’re incorporating your passions into actions. Are you following your heart’s desire, allowing time and space for your creative pursuits in your daily life or work? This can surface realisations about your relationship to your children, or deep feelings of how your inner desires manifest in your relationships – are your desires being met in your relationship? If not, can you communicate them or do you need to adjust your expectations?

This eclipse happens in your fourth house of emotions, home (safety) and mother. Are your emotional needs being met right now? How does your relationship to your mother, your home or even your car, reflect your current emotional state? Those things that are in a state of imbalance or turmoil might call for your attention during this time, so that inner healing can take place, which will in turn start to mirror the outer manifestations of it as well. Try to create space for mindfulness or meditation during these days, to help you remain centered and calm during this, potentially emotionally disruptive, transit.

For Leos, this happens in the third house of communication, interests and close community. This eclipse can surface new ideas around how you’re pursuing your interests, or bring changes in your desires; are you pursuing your true desires or are you caught up in wanting to do too many things at once? During this transit you might experience challenges with your communication skills, so be mindful when you speak and perhaps postpone any writing or public speaking engagements.

This transit happens in your second house of money, values and family. This eclipse can make you question some, or a few, of your core values and how those manifest in the environment around you. Do the things you surround yourself with match your core beliefs or values? Are you speaking your truth? Issues around any incongruence between your values and the values of your family is possible as well, so be mindful of your speech during this time.

This takes place in your first house of the self, and the body. This eclipse can create some confusion around your self-image or individuality, or lead you to suddenly question your role in things that you normally take for granted. This can also surface how you’re expressing your individuality and how you’re pursuing your dreams. Are you compromising too much when it comes to expressing yourself, or are you following your individual path, even if others may question it?

For Scorpios, this is in your twelfth house of sleep, spirituality and cycles ending, which can bring deep emotions or subconscious patterns to the surface. The twelfth house of sleep, also denotes those things where we ‘let go’ of consciousness, such as when we fall asleep, so this transit can also affect your sleep or make your dream life more active. There is also a tendency for escapism with the twelfth house, so try to keep centered through meditation or breathing exercises.

For you this happens in the eleventh house of friendships and worldly desires, so this is perhaps not the time to engage in any larger social circles or events. This transit can surface ideas about what you really need from friendships or what your true desires really are; what it really is that you want to accomplish, so try to stay centered on your core vision and focus inward, and let go of any distractions during this time.

This eclipse will take place in your tenth house of career, and can surface different attitudes about your work or bring up any inconsistencies between your work and what you really want to be doing, if they’re not coinciding. This transit could spur desires for a change in career, but if so, hold off on making any big decisions until a while after the eclipses, as it can cloud our mind, so this is not the time for any sudden changes.

For Aquarius, this takes place in your ninth house of higher wisdom and teachings. There could be a surfacing of any discrepancies between the teachings you follow if they no longer align with your core beliefs, or values. This transit can make you reevaluate a lot of philosophical beliefs about life and spirituality that you may have, and could also bring you to question your teachers. The main question to ask yourself is am I following my – my own, my inner – truth?

This happens in your eighth house of deep emotions, fear and transformation, so this could potentially surface some past traumas or deep rooted emotions. This eclipse could also surface any fears that you may have that could be blocking you from doing what you want. If there are emotional wounds in need of healing those might make themselves known to you, and once healed they can even become a source of great strength and courage, but accept where you are in the process right now and be gentle with yourself.

Some questions to reflect upon during this eclipse:

❧ How is my ability to compromise within my relationships, romantic or otherwise?
❧ Am I showing up with my unique voice while still taking the needs of my partner into consideration?
❧ Am I compromising my own needs? Or, am I too individualistic?
❧ Am I showing up with integrity, or am I too concerned with the opinions of others?

If self-realization is only possible through the absence of compromise, then the price might be too high.

New Moon blessings!

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